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1 companies from Salaj county act in business field Plastics, section Pack.

PET bottles milk producer. 0.3 l-1l. Importer caps and preforms. Sell compressors, pet Automatic packing lines. Complete lines for dairies.

29 companies from neighbors counties( Cluj, Bihor, Satu-Mare, Maramures ) acting in domain Plastics, section Pack.

Packaging, PVC and paper adhesive tapes, stretch film, lighting, electrical, masking tape, stationery.

We manufacture and sell corrugated cardboard, plastic laminated, such as pizza boxes, the incaltamininte. We can customize packages.


Age over 10 years in the production of polypropylene and polyethylene flexible packaging. ....

Exclusive distributor and marketer for the Transylvania. Polyethylene products: bags, solar film, shrink film, stretch film. Tyre repairs se....

Deposit of up coming film packaging, storing scrap and other recyclable materials!

Manufacturer PE film, PE film printing, mechanical cutting.                                

PET pre-forms and bottles - production. Plastic packaging.                                

Packaging supplier. Tapes for package binding. Supplier of equipment and machinery for pac....

Packaging supplier. Plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging. Import of raw materials for food industry.                                

Expanded food. Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Construction. Construction services. Pla....

Packaging supplier. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings.

Plastic packaging.

Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.

Equipment for processing milk and derivatives. Device and equipment provider for vacuum packaging.

Plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging. Wedding organizer. Packaging services. Articles, parts and items for interior decoration.

Plastic bags, sacks, coverings.

Plastic packaging. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Special packages of aluminium/polypropy....

Processing of plastics. Manufacturer of car accessories and spare parts. Plastic injection....

Paper and cardboard packaging with various uses. Food and gifts bags/paper bags.                                

Raw materials for plastics industry. Brushes, lime brushes and painters for paintings.                                

Mustard. Plastic packaging.

Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Ropes, strings, twines. Construction and maintenance of ro....

Plastic packaging. Metal containers, cans, bottling.

Water supply and sewerage facilities. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings.                                

Plastic bags, sacks, coverings.

Device and equipment provider for vacuum packaging. Supplier of equipment and machinery for packaging.

Provides on Romanian market a wide range of packaging solutions: bags, garbage bags, sheet....


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