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29 companies from Dambovita county act in business field Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

House heaters. Air conditioning - equipment supply, consultancy, service.                        

Steel foundry slag clusters. Roads construction materials. Hydropower engineering. Facilities for navigation. Raw materials for construction....


Asbestos cement. Supply of building materials.                        

Metal containers, cans, bottling. Cutting machining. Plastic packaging. Elements for steel/sheet roofs.

Manufacturer of promotional items and other advertising products. Illuminated signs produc....

Industrial and civil construction. Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. Cons....

Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. Roads construction materials. Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Asphalt road servic....

Custom awnings and parasols. Products from wrought iron for interior/exterior design. Cove....

Sheets and laminates. Supply of building materials.

Laminated wooden products. Construction made from wood. Elements for steel/sheet roofs.                        

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Inland goods transport. Transportation of construction materials.

Construction, installation, servicing, repairing of thermal power plant. Heating equipment. Water pumps. Air conditioning. Heating equipment....

Cement trade. Manufacturer of construction materials.

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Land reclamation and melioration.

Raw materials and materials for thermal insulation/waterproofing. Hydraulic equipment and devices. Hydrometers, water-flow meters. Construct....

Materials for concrete prefabs for construction. Building concrete blocks. Paving, concrete paving stones.

Supply of building materials.

Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. Roads construction materials. Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Roads markings.

Dyes and pigments for paint colouring manufacturers. Inorganic pigments for paints and gel....

We produce and sell the full range of decorative pavements and curbs at low prices.                        

Company with over 20 years experience, we realize industrial tarpaulins, covers, car cover....

Roof tile.

Sale of car accessories and spare parts. Supply of building materials. Chemical fertilizers, soil improvement substances. Non-food oils and ....

Manufacturer of varnishes and paints. Pigments. Supply of building materials.                        

Traditional producer of construction materials: concrete, brick, plasters, adhesives and m....

Construction services. Transportation of construction materials. Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit.

Installation and repair for sanitary items. Heating equipment.

Supply of building materials.

Industrial fittings. Machinery, tools and equipment for drilling.                        

21 companies from neighbors counties( Ilfov, Bucuresti, Prahova, Arges ) acting in domain Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Perform thermal / hydro insulation on terraces and roofs of industrial buildings or civil and industrial buildings, with any type of membran....

Water Works and termohidroizolatii, underground waterproofing and reconditioning works termohidroizolatii the old roof.

Water Works - termohidroizolatii.                                

Windows, stairs for attic.                                

Gerard Roofing: Train, tiles, metal tiles, metal tiles, roof construction, houses, villas,....

Hydro sale / execution. Design / manufacturing industrial buildings. Epoxy resin industria....

Corrosion protection materials: rubber, linings, coatings. Industrial floors. Engine cogen....

Unior professional tools, Slovenia, over 3,000 articles, Technonicol bituminous membranes,....

Perform waterproofing, repair buildings, works of painting, ceramic tile installation prices. It is also possible to pay in installments. Te....

Authorized company representative and installer of Silikal RO for industrial floors made f....

Execution of thermo-hydro in civil and industrial manufacturing cellular polycarbonate skylights industrial buildings, for structural floors....

Execution of waterproofing. Execution speed, price, high quality materials entitle us to hope for a future collaboration with your Reliabili....

Waterproofing terraces block, block design stairs, columns, basement, underground valves, plumbing and heating, water and distribution.

Manufacturer range of products: bituminous membranes, shingles, sheet waterproofing and va....

Produce and distribute for sealing elements for any board, distribute fasteners.                                

Hidrizolatie marketing and metal tile, metal tile installation and execution of waterproofing.

Waterproofing terraces and uncirculated blocks, villas and new industrial buildings. Underlay recovery from industrial terraces.

Execution of waterproofing, painting (interior / exterior), tile installation, tile, floor....

Art proposes concrete stamped concrete floors that have the effect of natural stone, the r....

Metal roofing sale, corrugated sheets, trapezoidal plates, metal tiles, corrugated sheet, ....

We offer waterproofing solutions for life with the world's best materials for terraces, po....


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