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42 companies from Arges county act in business field Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Production of various articles made of resin reinforced with fiberglass and composite mate....

Manufacturer of ceramic. Artistic glass products. Production of glass globes and accessori....


Manufacturer of construction materials. Industrial and civil construction. Construction of roads and bridges.

Sell imported metal tile (Koper, Lindab, Gerard). We provide consulting and installation teams of professionals. Prices unbeatable in terms ....

Elements for steel/sheet roofs. Sale of building materials. Roof tile. Hydro, thermal and ....

Industrial and civil construction. Design and planning for public works. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Roads construction materials. ....

Sale of building materials. Lime manufacturer.

Trade in ceramic products. Retail trade of sanitary ware. Sale of faience and grit stone.

Construction brick.                        

Industrial and civil construction. Gas and water piping for construction. Waterproofing professional services and materials. Socio-cultural ....

Construction. Construction services. Tools and equipment.

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Transportation of construction materials.

Building materials retailer with over 600 employees.                        

Arrangements and interior design. Civil engineering. Waterproofing professional services and materials.

Special construction. Supply of building materials. Voltage electrical networks. Development services for petrol station.

Supply of building materials. Construction, installation, servicing, repairing of thermal power plant. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. ....

House heaters. Aluminium joinery. Arrangements and interior design.                        

We produce and sell full normal brick, manufactured, gas fired, high quality at an excepti....

Industrial and civil construction. Waterproofing professional services and materials. Services for petroleum industry. Arrangements and inte....

Industrial and civil construction. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Waterproofing professional services and materials.

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit.                        

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Materials for concrete prefabs for construction. Industrial and civil construction.

Supply of building materials. Supply of building materials. Construction installations. Sale of building materials. Trade of paints and varn....

Machines and equipment for mining. Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Industrial and civil construction.

Marble processing services. International freight transport system.

Supply of building materials.                        

Produce primer for interior and exterior walls, plaster finish paste (ready), the marble d....

Fireproofing services for flammable materials. Thermal and hydro insulation. Industrial and civil construction.

PVC reinforced with steel joinery. Importer of construction materials. Civil construction ....

Manufacturer for pavement stone. Heat & soundproof windows for windows and doors. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings.

Invest only once, benefit forever! Feasibility studies and design renewable energy systems....

Car bodies. Plastics reinforced with glass fibres. Fibreglass car accessories. Composite materials for industrial uses.

Manufacturer of construction materials. Production and supply of labour and protection equipments.

Perform concrete fencing, concrete floor monoliths of radial type, paving of several types....

Manufacturer of construction materials. Stone exploitation.

Construction. Construction services. Supply of building materials. Installation of metal doors and rails.

Import and export of furniture. Sale of furniture. Elements for steel/sheet roofs.                        

Importer for solar systems.: Hot water, lighting (indoor & outdoor), obtaining electricity....

Industrial and civil construction. Plants and equipment for house heating. Sanitary house installations. Waterproofing professional services....

Wholesale / retail of construction materials and interior, the importer / distributor of brand Ceradez Arges County, Lasselsberger, Knauf, F....

Glazed stove tiles.

House heaters.

8 companies from neighbors counties( Valcea, Dambovita, Olt, Bucuresti ) acting in domain Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Perform thermal / hydro insulation on terraces and roofs of industrial buildings or civil and industrial buildings, with any type of membran....

Water Works and termohidroizolatii, underground waterproofing and reconditioning works termohidroizolatii the old roof.

Water Works - termohidroizolatii.                                

Windows, stairs for attic.                                

Hydro sale / execution. Design / manufacturing industrial buildings. Epoxy resin industria....

Corrosion protection materials: rubber, linings, coatings. Industrial floors. Engine cogen....

Unior professional tools, Slovenia, over 3,000 articles, Technonicol bituminous membranes,....

Perform waterproofing, repair buildings, works of painting, ceramic tile installation prices. It is also possible to pay in installments. Te....


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