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Industrial - Non Ferrous Metallurgy section include 61 profiles.
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   Baraian SRL Campina

Special alloys for welding copper points: round square rectangular section bars, plates, roller stakes. Industrial saw blades for metal: band, alternative, bomfaiers, discs.

   M R G Stainless Group SRL Bucuresti

We offer aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel fasteners, polycarbonate, plexiglass: sheet, pipe, bar, sections, wire, electrodes, screw, washer, nut, chain, cable.

   Star Plast SRL Sibiu

Manufacturer of semi-finished non-ferrous metals: bronze, brass, copper, lead.

   Turbonef SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Private company. Perform songs and blocks of basic alloys (AL and CU). International ISO9001 certified. Non-ferrous waste recovery and recycling.

   Turnef SRL Slatina

Non-ferrous foundry, produce alloys and aluminum parts (pistons Dacia 1300, 1400, 1600, tractor U650 and ARO vehicle).

  Adorian 2000 SRL Braila

Metal foundries. Foundry of bronze objects. Nonferrous cast items. Non-ferrous foundry. Cutting machining. Seals for archiving activities and customs. Embossing, metal stamps, moulds. Manufacturer of mould/accessories for plastic injection. Lab.

  Alcan International Network

Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Anco Ecosystem SA Oradea

Rubber products. Construction and land design services for sports. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Roads construction materials. Equipment and installations for entertainment parks.

  Ayonse SRL Constanta

Manufactures and markets: safes (safes), metal cabinet, safe deposit boxes. All products are manufactured according to EN 1143-1. The company is certified ISO 9001/2000.

  Basprodex SRL Brasov

Shot various parts of alloys (Al, Cu, Zn) by processes: die casting, centrifugal casting gravity casting molds and metal or mixture of training.

  Bibus Metals SRL Timisoara

Provider of non-ferrous (nickel, titanium). Engineering, design. Automation.

  Bobi Trans SRL Sura Mica

Nonferrous waste recovery activities.

  Cepronef SA Baia Mare

Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  CIE Matricon SA Targu Mures

Nonferrous cast items. Moulds for pressure casting.

  Comaro SRL Ludus

Cast and machined aluminum parts in metal molds for aluminum radiators (export) and others.

  Commet SA Tecuci

Metal structures for different uses. Metal coatings for industrial buildings and homes. Welding for metallic coating and warehouses. Petrochemicals equipment. Equipment for metallurgical industry. Equipment for mining industry. Petroleum industry equipments.

  Conlitma Export SRL Chisinau

Official representative in Moldova and Romania of Maicopresse SpA, Italy - a company producing automatic machines for aluminum foundries and brass pressure.

  Constructorul SCCA Ramnicu Valcea

Industrial and civil construction.

  Csepeli Femmu Rt. Budapesta

Bars and profiles from nonferrous. Import and export of metals. Zinc-coated narrow strip. Manufacturer of wire. Cables and insulating materials.

  Ecoref Company SRL Bucuresti

Nonferrous metallurgical products. Pig iron and pig iron products. Ferrous metallurgy products. Non-ferrous foundry. Aluminium/aluminium related products. Metallurgical services. Nonferrous cast items. Metal foundries.

  Elnav SA Galati

Metal foundries. Non-ferrous foundry. Castings and forgings. Nonferrous cast items. Benchmarks for industrial spare parts. Cutting machining. Manufacturer of flanges.

  Estmark Grup SRL Bacau

Nonferrous cast items. Solders nonferrous metals. Bars and profiles from nonferrous. Import/export of non-ferrous products. Equipments and raw materials for alcohol distilleries. Aluminium alloy materials supplier. Poultry production unit. Metallic ornaments.

  Exinto SA Sebes

Non-ferrous foundry. Nonferrous cast items. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Waste paper recovery services.

  Feral Complex SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Perform custom aluminum and bronze casting, and unique serial (doors terracotta oven stoves, aluminum wheels) and bronze statues, etc. of any size, plaques.

  Fivex Petrol SA Targu Carbunesti

Production of glass articles. Non-ferrous foundry. Nonferrous cast items. Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Processing of metallurgical products.

  Fontur SA Suceava

Ferrous metallurgy products. Nonferrous cast items. Small furniture pieces. Castings and forgings.

  Gospomas SA Onesti

Pumps manufacturer. Nonferrous cast items. Manufacturer of equipments/accessories for farm machinery.

  Grimet Impex SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Metal coatings for industrial buildings and homes. Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Metalworking. Hot galvanizing operations.

  I.M.R.L. Eximp SRL Sibiu

Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  La Granellina Euro-Rom Product SRL Scornicesti

Aluminum alloys. Aluminum coffee makers. Aluminum parts. Static casting shell. Injection molding. Mechanical processing. Electro-erosion. Execution molds.

  Laromet Consib SA Sibiu

Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Marsib Metal SRL Sibiu

Perform mechanical cutting, turning, milling, boring, drilling and welding by mechanical model documentation or beneficiary.

  Metal Nef Rom SA Sibiu

The leader of the group of companies which manufacture and distribute non-ferrous metals, with experience since 1970. Romanian brand well known for quality.

  Metanef SRL Buzau

Nonferrous metallurgical products. Metallurgical services. Metal trade.

  Metarom Construct SA Bucuresti

Import/export of metallurgical products. Nonferrous metallurgical products. Metal containers, cans, bottling. Foreign trade. Import-export. Sale of building materials.

  Millions Construct SRL Campina

Solders nonferrous metals. Lime paste. Production and sales of wire netting. Manufacturer of construction materials.

  Mira-Val SRL Resita

Metal trade. Nonferrous metallurgical products. Cables for voice and data transmissions. Metal-rolling. Import/export of non-ferrous products.

  New Company Recycling SRL Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Scrap metal recovery. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Waste paper recovery services.

  Ningi Prodimpex SRL Bucuresti

Import/export of non-ferrous products. Import/export of metallurgical products. Metal trade.

  Orion SRL Cornu-Prahova

Metal foundries. Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Polyinvest SA Bucuresti

Car/van tyres sale.

  Ravserv SRL Braila

Foundry of bronze objects. Non-ferrous foundry. Nonferrous cast items. Cutting machining.

  Rem-Adis SRL Suceava

Small furniture pieces. Bars and profiles from nonferrous. Sale of building materials.

  Romplastica Iliescu SRL Sibiu

Sale of car accessories and spare parts. Car batteries, components.

  Saginvest SRL Galati

Scrap metal recovery. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Waste paper recovery services.

  Service Ro Bob SRL Calan

Repair and maintenance of electric motors. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Winding and service for electric motors.

  Soro-Ghefest SRL Soroca

Aluminum Foundry at very good prices. We also provide machining services.

  Spectro Service Romania SRL Campina

Laboratory and analysis equipment. Nonferrous metallurgical products. Scrap metal recovery.

  Styll Company SRL Sibiu

Bars and profiles from nonferrous.

  Ta.Na.Rom SRL Targoviste

Import and export of metals. Processing of metallurgical products. Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Tastrom 2 SRL Galati

Scrap metal recovery. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Waste paper recovery services.

  Tecnomet SRL Arad

Construction design services.

  Tina Prodcom SRL Buzau

Hot galvanizing operations. Metal coatings for industrial buildings and homes.

  Total Serv Impex SRL Iasi

Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Waste paper recovery services.

  Triangle SRL Plopeni

Casting of aluminum alloys in pieces by classical methods: casting molds gravirationala in metal or sand, die casting. It can perform machining operations.

  Trundin SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Ferrous metallurgy products. Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Turbonef SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Turnatoria Carpati SRL Cluj-Napoca

Metal foundries. Non-ferrous foundry. Nonferrous metallurgical products. Nonferrous cast items.

  Turnatoria de Neferoase Somet SA Buzau

Casting non-ferrous alloys, cast iron and steel, using a technique that allows the equipment to ensure a proper quality.

  Valentis SRL Sibiu

Nonferrous metallurgical products.

  Zsofia SRL Reghin

Manufacturing Equipment for milk processing. Manufactures components for steel balustrades: masking rings & mounting flanges, end caps.


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