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Equipments - Pressurized & Bottled & Pneumatic section include 64 profiles.
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   Linde Gaz Romania SRL Timisoara

Manufacture of industrial, medical and food gases, liquid or tablets. Refrigeration gas. Gas mixtures. Hardware and distribution systems. Welding accessories and equipment.

   Progress Fluid SRL Bucuresti

Rexroth Partner - marketing, design, technical support and service facilities / equipment, industrial automation drive hydraulic / pneumatic / mechanical / electrical.

  Acetica Company SA Bistrita

Food vinegar production. Bottling machinery and equipment.

  Acsial SRL Braila

Traditional and oxyacetylene welding. Materials for welding and gas used in industrial processes. Equipment for welding and automation. Machinery and accessories for welding. Supplier welding electrodes. Welding and plasma cutting equipment.

  Adrem Invest SRL Bucuresti

Systems control, protection and control of electric power. Vacuum equipment and installations - supply. Engineering, design. Consulting. Automation.

  Aerosting SRL Bacau

New company, but with specialists over 15 years experience in the field, experience gained through working at companies producing extinguishers. Our specialists performing design and production for fireproof accessories which were imported in the past to high costs, which supports domestic customers but also suppliers of fireproof equipment.

  Alkitronic-Rom SRL Bicaz

Machine tools. Professional hand tools. Pneumatic tools. Equipment for mechanical processing.

  Almitech SRL Bucuresti

Machines and equipment for plastics. Polyurethane. We recover waste from PVC, polypropylene, plastic. Bottling machinery and equipment.

  Ama Control SRL Bucuresti

Automation. Transducers. Industrial electronic products. Components and subassemblies. Characteristics measuring for compresses air. Measuring and control devices.

  Anamar Impex SRL Aninoasa

Producing/high and medium pressure hoses trade. Pneumatic gaskets and accessories. Pneumatic cylinders. Maintenance and service for hydraulic equipment. Trading of hydraulic equipment and presses. Pneumatic gaskets and accessories. Irrigation installation.

  Artezi SRL Cristesti

PET pre-forms and bottles - production.

  Atlanta Trading SRL Ploiesti

Pneumatic devices. Non-food oils and lubricants. Transmission belts. Roller bearings with various applications. Production of industrial oils and lubricants. Air compressors. Measuring and control devices. Automation. Cosmetics distribution and promotion.

  Atlas Copco Romania SRL Baia Mare

Machinery, devices and appliances for quarrying. Mining construction. Machines and equipment for mining. Building equipment. Equipment for mining industry. Pneumatic tools.

  Ave-Rom SRL Bucuresti

Equipment automatization for fields: bottling, food, pharmaceutical, chemical. Rinsing machines, bottling, dopuit, labeled, packaged, dispensed, labeled, palletized, depaletizat, conveyors, CIP stations.

  Banami Impex SRL Ploiesti

Pneumatic tools. Power tools. Tools and accessories.

  Barr SRL Baia Mare

Air compressors. Pneumatic tools.

  Bartrom Exim SRL Tarnaveni

Pneumatic Equipment Suppliers: pneumatic tools, cylinders, dispensers, air preparation, couplings, hoses, fittings and accessories. Design, validation, automation, modernization of equipment.

  Bermas SA Suceava

Alcoholic beverages - beer manufacturer. Beer wholesale. Bottling of carbon dioxide.

  Bridgeman SRL Timisoara

Sale of computers. Internet service provider. Signal providing Internet services. Equipment for videoconferencing.

  Casel Prodimpex SRL Cluj-Napoca

Pneumatic devices. Machines and equipment for painting, electrostatic painting. Pneumatic tools.

  Cerob SRL Bucuresti

Hydraulic equipment and devices. Pneumatic devices.

  CIP SRL Galati

Technological gases, gas probe. Bottled oxygen. Producer of carbon dioxide for food industry. Bottling of carbon dioxide. Materials for welding and gas used in industrial processes. Machinery and accessories for welding.

  Dar Industrial SRL Sancraieni

Production of protective equipment. Pneumatic tools. Import/export of heating plants. Equipments, materials and abrasives products.

  DH Top Alex SRL Brasov

The company is a distributor of Airpol Ltd. equipment in Romania. Airpol Ltd is the largest Polish manufacturer of screw compressors and is always looking for new technical and organizational solutions to meet its clients. Airpol equipment are produced to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our company offers for sale a wide range of equipment Airpol: screw compressors, pressure range of 8,

  Ducas Technic SRL Bucuresti

Pneumatic gaskets and accessories. Pneumatic gaskets and accessories.

  Electromatic-Systems SRL Brasov

Pneumatic equipment and installations. Electronically components manufacturer.

  Euro Quip International Bucuresti

Equipment and machinery for car service. Compressed air equipment.

  Express Trading SRL Timisoara

Special welding regardless of complexity or location. Construction of AZ, rooms, warehouses, cold stores. Air conditioning, ventilation of any type or size. Central cold and chill.

  Festo SRL Bucuresti

Pneumatic devices. Automation.

  Filip Klug SRL Timisoara

Pumps manufacturer. Production of fans.

  Flupec SRL Sibiu

Hydraulic equipment and devices. Pneumatic gaskets and accessories. Maintenance and service for hydraulic equipment. Rubber gaskets. Parts and accessories for machine tools. Pneumatic equipment and installations.

  Gica Import-Export Italia SRL Arad

Air compressors. Pneumatic equipment and installations. Tanks and containers for liquid storage. Upholstery staples. Equipment and machinery for car service.

  Happy SRL Baia Mare

Pneumatic tools. Supplier of raw materials and equipment for metallic structures.

  Helian Oil SRL Sibiu

Production of cooking oil. Bottling machinery and equipment.

  Hesper SA Bucuresti

Spare parts for agricultural machinery. Manufacturer of metal doors. Vacuum equipment and installations - supply. Pumps manufacturer. Thermal metals treatments. Plants and equipment for house heating. Safes. Furniture with metal structure. Hydraulic equipments.

  Hidraulica SRL Brasov

PVC and rubber hoses. Hydraulic devices. Hydraulic equipment. Rubber gaskets. Pneumatic cylinders. Rubber products. Equipments. Hydraulic equipment and devices.

  Hidro-Consulting Impex SRL Bucuresti

Pneumatic equipment and installations. PVC and rubber hoses. Hydraulic equipment and devices. Pumps manufacturer. Installations fittings and subassemblies. Import of measuring and control devices. Rubber gaskets. Various filters. Components and materials.

  HL Hydraulik GMBH

Pneumatic equipment and installations.

  Impact Zone Services SRL Bucuresti

Importer of professional pneumatic tools. We stock products from the following categories: key pneumatic impact guns or ratchet, pneumatic grinders, pneumatic drills.

  Independenta SA Sibiu

Machines for construction industry. Industrial furnaces and dryers with different utilities. Various chains. Pneumatic cylinders.

  International M.A.G. LTD Galati

Power tools. Pneumatic tools. Tools for cutting. Diamond tools. Tools and accessories. Percussion boring machines. Equipments, materials and abrasives products. Professional hand tools. Building equipment.

  Invest SA Timisoara

Sale of electrical devices and accessories. Tools and equipment. Voltage electrical networks. Compressed air equipment. Panels and electrical panels. House heaters. Ventilation and aeration equipment. Construction installations. Parts for compressed air equipments.

  Kaeser Kompressoren SRL Bucuresti

Air compressors. Building equipment. Characteristics measuring for compresses air. Environment protection.

  Kuhnke Automation SRL Sibiu

Electronically components manufacturer. Manufacturer of spare parts for home appliances. Manufacturer of components for electric devices and networks. Pneumatic devices. Systems and equipment for automation. Electronics and electrical components.

  Maxim SRL Bucuresti

Tools for cutting. Pneumatic tools.

  MHT Systems SRL Bucuresti

Scientific research, design, project development. Pneumatic devices. Hydraulic devices. Hydraulic equipment.

  Nortech Service SRL Odorheiu Secuiesc

Pneumatic devices. Accessories for food industry.

  Novo Trade SRL Apahida

Import and distribution of pneumatic automation equipment Metal Work - Italy, modular fluid transmission systems Téséo - Italy, air hoses transmission CASTELLO Italy.

  Operator Serv SRL Campina

Pneumatic devices. Automation. Pneumatic cylinders. Installations fittings and subassemblies. PVC and rubber hoses. Parts for compressed air devices. Pneumatic equipment and installations. Hydraulic devices. Hydraulic equipment.

  Patrascu & Gane Engineering Company SRL Bucuresti

Parts and accessories for machine tools. Machine tools. Tools for cutting. Vacuum equipment and installations - supply.

  Pneumatic System SRL Odorheiu Secuiesc

Pneumatic devices. Verification and access control equipment.

  Prompt Trading SRL Bistrita

Pneumatic devices.

  Proned Control Baia Mare

Hydraulic devices. Hydraulic equipment. Pneumatic devices.

  Provinum SRL Bucuresti

Bottling machinery and equipment. Wine made.

  Red Comp SRL Sacalaz

Air compressors. Domestic and international road transport of goods. Pneumatic devices. Compressed air equipment. Links and mechanical-pneumatic joints. Tanks and piping for transport and storage of liquid/gas. Parts for compressed air devices.

  Rom Energy Armstrong SRL Bucuresti

Supplier for power industry. Steam equipment and machinery. Boilers and metal container. Various filters. Installations fittings and subassemblies. Pumps manufacturer. Valves. Industrial valves, overflow. Reducers. Other electrical appliances.

  Romtec SA Iasi

Sale of car accessories and spare parts.

  SMC Romania SRL Bucuresti

Automation. Pneumatic devices. Compressed air equipment.

  Solagro Trading SRL Bucuresti

Bottling machinery and equipment. Food industry equipment.

  Sorana SRL Baia Mare

Bottling of carbon dioxide.

  Tech-Con Industry SRL Bucuresti

Automation. Producing/high and medium pressure hoses trade. Air compressors.

  Total Industry Consult SRL Bucuresti

Pneumatic and hydraulic.

  Trans-Service SRL Sfantu Gheorghe

Stainless steel metal structures. Authorized station for periodical inspection. Car Reviews. Bottling machinery and equipment. Chain production and trade. Light metal and alternative materials structures. General car service. All car brands.

  Zdas, A.S.

Technological installations for air filtration, cooling and drying compressed air.


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