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Equipments - Labour Protection section include 81 profiles.
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   Dispo Trading SRL Bucuresti

Importers of disposable items (examination gloves, roll paper towels, masks, bootie, elbow pads, aprons). Workwear manufacturers. Our products are Missena brand.

   Donny Group SRL Brasov

Importer of disposable work equipment: bonnets, bootees, elbow pads, aprons, face masks, etc.. Unbeatable prices, displayed on the site.

   Minna-Tex SRL Timisoara

We produce work uniforms for all areas of activity and equipment for hotels and restaurants. We sell all types of personal protection equipment, imported from the EC.

   Protector Phoenix SRL Cimpeni

The company sells clothing and labor protection equipment. To this end, working with prestigious producers in the country and abroad.

   Protector-Expert SRL Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Sells work safety equipment, own publishing house, library, including the production and sale of any SSM and PSI material also advice in these areas.

   Star Auto Service SRL Bucuresti

Importer and distributor of automotive service supplies, hygiene and work protection products. German quality products for auto services (metal work, painting).

   Winman SRL Constanta

Importer for equipment and protective work.

  Adonis Grup SRL Bucuresti

Labor protection equipment and disposable products.

  Anaiulia Trade SRL Braila

Trade protection equipment. Protective clothing. Equipment and materials for worker safety. Production and supply of labour and protection equipments.

  Angel Grup SRL Iasi

Working safety consulting, risk assessment, prevention and protection plan, marketing materials, equipment and working safety (PPE, training sheets, warning).

  Anyprest SRL Polovragi

Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  April Media SRL Braila

Trade protection equipment. Protective clothing. Equipment and materials for worker safety. Production and supply of labour and protection equipments.

  Aprodem Consulting SRL Bucuresti

Sells protective equipment and work suits, professional hand tools that have a high service life under conditions of maximum security.

  Arcotex Trade SRL Galati

Manufacturer of equipment for labor protection, medical uniforms, linens, pillows and quilts, tablecloths.

  Argoxin Expert Galati

Equipment and materials for worker safety. Production of protective equipment. Trade protection equipment. Protective clothing. Professional hand tools. Equipments, materials and abrasives products.

  Bif-Con SRL Botosani

Industrial and civil construction. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings.

  Catalina SRL Campulung Muscel

Overalls, coveralls, jackets, trousers with breastplate, wadding clothes, coats, towels. You can write on demand by printing or embroidery customer logo. Excellent prices, on the site!

  Chimexim '62 SRL Bucuresti

Safety & health at work. Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  Coral 33 All-Prod SRL Ploiesti

Production and supply of labour and protection equipments. Advertise on textile backing.

  D & G Group SRL Calarasi

Company importatare and distributing medical equipment and supplies. Manufacturer of medical equipment and linen. In our portfolio you will find electrocardiographs, ultrasound, analyzers.

  D & V Protection SRL Alexandria

Share work safety equipment, helmets, gloves, goggles, overalls, boots, cloaks, boots, muddy water, electrical boots, belts working at height.

  DARI Tehnologies SRL Oradea

Import and distribution of electronic alcool-test devices.

  Dieters NT Com SRL Iasi

Protection equipment, work overalls, uniforms, shoes, boots, boots, masks gas detectors, safety belts, bags ADR, medical, helmets, fire suits, SMURD.

  Drager Safety Romania SRL Bucuresti

Service for labour protection equipment. Environment protection. Manufacturer of underwater rescue equipments. Measuring and control devices. Systems and equipment for automation. Design and installation of methane pipelines. Safety & health at work.

  Enviro Consult SRL Bucuresti

Established in 2003. Field of activity: marketing measurement equipment noise and vibration, noise and vibration measurement, making noise maps.

  Erius M&C SRL Bucuresti

Protection and working equipment is not a fad, but a necessity. We offer protectection equipment in stock or order according to your needs.

  Euro Profesional Construct SRL Campulung Muscel

Construction and civil engineering. Distributor equipment, labor protection.

  Euro S.A.T. SRL Slatina

Equipment and materials for worker safety. Aluminium works and profiles. Heating equipment.

  Europart Rompart SRL Bucuresti

Complete supplier of equipment for your shop. Fixation technique. Tools. Equipment for factories and workshops. Work safety and environmental protection.

  Exal Grup SRL Slatina

Products and services for preventing and extinguishing fires.

  Feelbox Ro SRL Timisoara

  Feromet Trading SRL Bucuresti

Protective equipment and sell it - clothes, shoes, gloves, head protection, hearing and respiratory, for working at height, equipment and first aid warning.

  Filip Impex 93 SRL Bucuresti

Sells devices (alcoolteste, sound level meters, pressure gauges, luxmetre, etc.) and equipment (masks, semimasti, filters, costumes, etc.) for labor protection departments.

  Fly Team SRL Bucuresti

Our services: audit and certification OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001 occupational health and safety, ISO 31000 information security, risk management SA 8000. Social responsibility.

  Ganica SRL-Service Drager Petrosani

Service for labour protection equipment.

  General Conf Grup SRL Bucuresti

Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  General Sting SRL Bacau

We manufacture fire extinguishers, full range of accessories PSI and work equipment and protection.

  Geo City SRL Constanta

Import labor protection equipment.

  Geve Com SRL Bucuresti

  Incotech SRL Bucuresti

Crowcon authorized dealer firms, Casella, Lighthouse in Romania. Provides gas detectors, equipment for industrial hygiene, numaratotare particles, weather equipment.

  Institutul de Optoelectronica SA Bucuresti - IOEL Bucuresti

Trading labor protection equipment and protective accessories, protective welding accessories, MIG TIG Plasma accessories.

  Intersales SRL Sibiu

Trade protection equipment for various fields of work, approved according to current regulations.

  Kaion Exim SRL Targu Jiu

Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  Komplett SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Importer of work safety equipment, industrial products, warning equipment on public roads.

  Krumel SRL Calimenasti

Kleen direct importer and distributor in Romania Oel. Field of activity is trading industrial oil absorbents and chemicals in various forms.

  Lavpoly SRL Braila

Production equipment approved by the Ministry of Labour Labour protection: overalls, coveralls, overalls, aprons, jackets and clothes wadding.

  Levar Serv SRL Bucuresti

Publisher protective equipment and work, headphones, earplugs, masks, goggles, coveralls, overalls, coveralls, shirts, pufoaice, waterproof jackets, coats, vests warning, shoes, boots.

  Mabo Invest SRL Iasi

Distributor of protection and rescue equipment: earplugs, first aid kits, protective helmets, overalls, coveralls antichimice, firefighter costume, PVC boots, mask painter, welder gloves, boats.

  Mera Prot SRL Zalau

We work safety equipment for all types of services.

  Metromat SRL Sacele

Safety & health at work. Service for labour protection equipment. Metrology and measurement services. Monitoring.

  Midas Protect SRL Bucuresti

Distribution of overalls, boots, shoes toe, gowns, cloaks, gloves.

  Milex Professional Group SRL Constanta

Protective equipment, safety boots, work shoes, safety helmets, overalls work, labor protection equipment, protective gloves, protective shoes, protective metal toe boots.

  Mondo Industry SRL Piatra Neamt

Catalog online at website. Manufacturer and dealer of working safety equipment. Widest range of equipment and fire protection.

  Oferra SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Equipment and systems for working safety trade.

  Petmar Company SRL Bucuresti

Manufacturer of disposable protective clothing: aprons, gloves, elbow pads, Boto, protective masks.

  Prodinvest '94 SA Buzau

Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Building facades and finishes.

  Prosalv SRL Buzau

Materials and devices for fire protection. Production and supply of labour and protection equipments. Equipment and materials for worker safety. Safety & health at work. Production of protective equipment. Manufacturer of underwater rescue equipments.

  Protect Styl SRL Bucuresti

We produce mainly leather products (shoes, shorts) including PT. Special working conditions: work in media oil temp.inalte, temp.scazute, welding equipment.

  Protectori Conf SRL Ploiesti

Manufacturer and importer of the full range of professional equipment and labor protection systems.

  QANDS Personal Protection Equipment SRL Ploiestiori

Importers and distributors of personnel protective equipment. We are available to offer the best solutions in the field of labor protection equipment.

  R.C. Krasimod SRL Timisoara

Protective equipment and work shirts, jackets, signaling equipment, hats, caps of various materials, shoes, helmets and other accessories.

  Renania Trade SRL Targu Mures

Importer and manufacturer of complete range of equipment and systems for the protection and occupational hygiene. Special areas: footwear, gloves, clothing, working at height, rope access.

  Rockplast Group SRL Bucuresti

Company dedicated to the import of equipment for working at height safety and rope access: belts, harnesses, stops, sleeves and accessories.

  Romeka SRL Cluj-Napoca

Manufacturer and distributor of work and protection equipment at low prices. Quality and timeliness are qualities of our company. Commercialized for equipment. hospitals, clinics.

  RSG Safety Equipments SRL Otopeni

Labor protection equipment and materials.

  SAB Concept SRL Bucuresti

Sole importer and distributor for Romania srl Italy's Giblor and Industrial Starter SpA Italy - work safety equipment.

  SAB SRL Buzau

Roads panels, boards, signalling. Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  Safe Consulting SRL Braila

Sale of work safety equipment, work equipment, first aid kit, OSH training files and PSI, helmets, gloves, goggles, boots.

  Safety Center SRL Satu Mare

Importer of the full range of work safety equipment, helmets, ear protectors, masks, goggles, overalls, gowns. Importer unique full range of safety shoes shoes FTG, Kimberley Clear.

  Safety Plus SRL Iasi

Marketing of work equipment and protection. Virtual store. You are welcome!

  Sesim Equipment SRL Brasov

We sell protective clothing: overalls, helmets, shoes, gloves, basically all you need to meet customer needs.

  Shuffle SRL Bucuresti

Provides a wide range of work or safety equipment (overalls outfit with / without breastplate, robe, suit, shirt, towels, jackets, pants, blouses, shirts).

  Somesul & Company SA Beclean

Production of protective equipment. Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  Stingal SA Buzau

Materials and devices for fire protection. PSI substances, carbonic foam, fire extinguishers. Automatic fire extinguishing systems. Extinguishers. Alarms and fire prevention systems. Fireproofing services for flammable materials.

  Tyo-Ama Trans SRL Dej

Various filters. Equipment and materials for worker safety.

  Unlimited Protection SRL Bucuresti

Sell PPE and protective work.

  Varvy Styll SRL Alba Iulia

Equipment and materials for worker safety. Tailoring and accessories. Manufacturer of various garments.

  Vertical Trend SRL Iasi

Manufacturer, importer and distributor of work and protective equipment. Deliveries are made from stock within 24 hours anywhere in the country. We guarantee the best prices and maximum reliability.

  Vesta Investment SRL Otopeni

Equipment and materials for worker safety. Manufacturer of car accessories and spare parts. Processing of plastics. Tapes for package binding. Roads panels, boards, signalling. Manufacturer of promotional items and other advertising products.

  Work Protection SRL Galati

Our company sells a wide range of work or safety equipment. Products from the European Community and with CE manufacturers are certified.

  Zamolxis SRL Giurgiu

Provides cleaning services, labor protection equipment and industrial cleaning products at the best prices in Giurgiu.


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