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Clothing - Second Hand Trade section include 69 profiles.
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   SKP Impex SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Collect clothes and sell original shoes from Germany, England, Switzerland. Deliveries are made directly from the warehouse in Germany to the client.

  2hand Textile Impex SRL Bacau

Importer and wholesale distributor of used clothing and footwear, household items and products used outdoor in Bacau, Bucharest, Buzau, Iasi, Botosani, Suceava, Brasov, Focsani.

  Alya Consult Promotion SRL Bucuresti

We collect clothes and shoes from England in the original bales of 100-200 kg, very good quality. Oltenitei street retail store 162, deposit Berceni, Bucharest 4.

  Austria SRL Medias

Second-hand clothing.

  Babette SRL Sfantu Gheorghe

Second-hand clothing.

  Best Choise SRL Targu Mures

Best Choice warehouse, imported directly from Canada, sells used clothes sorted and packed in bales of 45kg in Canada.

  Betania 2000 SRL Bucuresti

Sale of second hand clothes and electronics wholesale and retail.

  Blue River SRL Mangalia

Second-hand clothing.

  BMMB Com SRL Targu Mures

Second-hand clothing.

  Britex Servicii SRL Cluj-Napoca

Used clothing. Original collect from England. Unopened. Unsorted. Door to door. Charity, etc.. The original collection bags. Maximum quality. Origin. Permanent stock.

  Britsim SRL Alesd

Second-hand clothing.

  Canact Import Export SRL Brasov

Direct importer of used clothing and shoes. Seasonal quality sorted clothes. To help our clients, we offer transportation throughout the country! Unbeatable prices!

  Comert Com SRL Constanta

Second-hand clothing.

  Consag-Oana I.M.P. Comex SRL Sangeorz-Bai

Wholesale of second-hand electrical home appliances. Second-hand clothing. Electrical home appliances retail.

  Daria & Catalin SRL Bocsa

Second-hand clothing. Florist. Occasions, birthdays, commemorations.

  Daria & Catalin SRL Resita

Second-hand clothing.

  Daria&Catalin SRL Resita

Sell wholesale used clothes, sorted by season and quality. Seriousness and hard work ensure continued market place. Orders and appointments.

  Dorin.B A.F. Medias

Trade new and used clothing and shoes.

  Doris'l SRL Caransebes

Cleaning and laundry for individual households. Retail trade of non-food products. Second-hand clothing.

  Dorval SRL Slatina

Second-hand clothing. Leather goods. Trade of leather goods.

  Dragos & Cristi Impex SRL Bucuresti

Retail sales of used clothing and shoes.

  Euromex SRL Sibiu

Second-hand clothing.

  Euroshik Trade SRL Pitesti

Wholesale second-hand clothing imported from Germany, Austria, Netherlands. Coleta original. For large quantities the price is negotiable.

  Evibalu SRL Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Scond hand clothing trade.

  Geo Serv SRL Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Second-hand clothing.

  Gertextil SRL Bistrita

Second-hand clothing. Importer of shoes. Production and supply of labour and protection equipments.

  Ghita Teodor-Alin Intreprindere Individuala

Our company sells original collect second-hand clothes from the Netherlands, at an unbeatable price in Romania. We work with commodity stocks but also in order.

  Havasi Turism SRL Zetea

Second-hand clothing. Textile and footwear retailer. Touristic services. Rural tourism. Guesthouse.

  Iluminator SRL Marghita

Second-hand clothing.

  In-Time Impex SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Inland goods transport. Second-hand clothing. Pumps manufacturer.

  Italian Magazin SRL Lupsanu

Second-hand clothing.

  Jan Luc SRL Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Second-hand clothing.

  Lelea Impex SRL Targu Jiu

Second-hand clothing.

  Loralys Com SRL Braila

Protective equipment and marketing work, aluminum and PVC joinery fittings, building materials, sanitary kits, disposable equipment, gloves, all types of equipment.

  Ludisor Com SRL Sinaia

Second-hand clothing.

  Luxaflex SRL Odorheiu Secuiesc

Second-hand clothing.

  Magic Co SRL Ploiesti

Second-hand clothing.

  Maryella Apostu SNC Iasi

Second-hand clothing.

  Memo-Service SRL Cluj-Napoca

Repair of bicycles. Bicycles and bike accessories. Second-hand clothing.

  Metatex Import-Export SRL Deva

Moquette sale with varying degrees of resistance. Second-hand clothing.

  Mexicanino SRL Targu Jiu

Second-hand clothing.

  Mirelta SRL Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Second-hand clothing. Day club. Relaxed atmosphere.

  Mirza Marinela Angela Intreprindere Individuala

Selling second hand clothes and shoes wholesale imported from Holland, and as an extra.

  Moda Fast SRL Buzau

Retail sale of second hand clothing items.

  Molnar Istvan SNC Sfantu Gheorghe

Second-hand clothing. Sale of gifts and souvenirs.

  Outlet Funky SRL Sinaia

Our company offers for balances of supermarkets engross English, and the distribution of second-hand clothes at the best price on the market.

  Panda-BO Bt. Budapesta

Our company deals with used clothes comercializearea, imported from Germany, cal.

  Panda-Bo Budapesta

Hungarian company, which sells used clothing imports, the German original (unsorted), at an affordable price of 0.55 EUR / kg.

  Pichi SRL Targu Jiu

Second-hand clothing.

  Play Com SRL Alexandria

Second-hand clothing.

  Playan-Com SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Second-hand clothing.

  Pneumofarm SRL Baia Mare

Second-hand clothing. Industrial products.

  Proart Serv SRL Targu Jiu

Second-hand clothing.

  Raduta Emanuela PFA

Second-hand clothing.

  Rallye Tours SRL Bucuresti

Second-hand clothing.

  Ringer Com Import Export SRL Baia Mare

Sell SH clothes. Father according to the order. Direct from Germany min. -14 2.7t t (Transport + customs included - pay on the spot - Customs in Baia Mare).

  Rubinstein Com SRL Oradea

Second-hand clothing.

  Sartoris SRL Dej

Second-hand clothing.

  Sepcom-Grup SRL Moldova Noua

Second-hand clothing. Classical carpentry. Shoes retailer.

  Siena Service SRL Oradea

Second-hand clothing.

  Supermag Diversitas SRL Radauti

Car/van tyres import. Used tyres in good condition. Wholesale of household goods. Second-hand clothing.

  Tabita SRL Cluj-Napoca

Second-hand clothing.

  Timodor SRL Brasov

Collaborator and Danish importer, distributor wholesale and retail, second-hand clothing (original collection and pre-sorted).

  Torello SRL Targu Jiu

Second-hand clothing.

  Triad SRL Targu Secuiesc

Second hand clothing trade.

  Vandiga Impex SRL Resita

Second-hand clothing.

  Vekvivo Exim SRL Craiova

Direct importer of used clothing from Denmark, Holland, Germany, Switzerland. Seasonal clothing with a very low degree of wear, modern and a very good price compared to quality.

  Vlacom Inter SRL Baia Mare

Second-hand clothing. International freight transport system.

  World Prodexim SRL Ploiesti

Second-hand clothing.


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