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   Cadware Engineering SRL Bucuresti

Design audit department. Implementation of preventive and corrective measures. CAD Resources Management. Centralization and standardization of data. Monitoring and CAD technical support.

   Company Loris SRL Lugoj

Execution of civil and industrial construction.

   Fotopro Design SRL Ploiesti

We perform professional standard wedding photos, event, baptism, birthdays, graduation festivities, celebrations of any kind, product photography, quality portrait and print.

   Hofag Engeneering SRL Campina

Autodesk Value Added Reseller CAD programs. Autodesk Authorised Training Centre CAD courses. Authorised Reseller EdgeCAM CNC programming. Campagne Reseller MRP production management program.

   Linde Gaz Romania SRL Timisoara

Manufacture of industrial, medical and food gases, liquid or tablets. Refrigeration gas. Gas mixtures. Hardware and distribution systems. Welding accessories and equipment.

   Procesuality Consulting Group SRL Brasov

Strategic management consulting services for organizations to get their sustainable development. We transform ideas into profit-generating strategies.

   Sibexcom SRL Bucuresti

Real Estate Sibexcom characterized by reliability, timeliness, flexibility, provides quality services to its customers for taking a close relationship with them long term based.

   SPA Design International SRL Bucuresti

Design, development and implementing the wellness and SPA facilities.

   Tech Point Project SRL Bucuresti

The activity is oriented towards mechanical design and industrial design, industrial automation - stainless steel containers, aluminum or iron treated for electronic devices, panels, keyboards.

   Uzinsinder Engineering SA Galati

Offer design and technology development starting with ideas generation stage to documents development for a execution and installation in a wide range of industrial fields.

   Web Design Media SRL Oradea

Graphic design agency, providing services: graphics packages and labels, web site design, graphics packages company, SEO, programming, marketing, DTP / prepress, consultancy.

   3G Arhitectura SRL Iasi

Design office which has the object of Insite design, complete, for civil and industrial constructions: houses, villas (type or unique projects), holiday homes, hostels.

  3D Engineering Asistance SRL Ploiesti

Provides integrated engineering services: assisted design, manufacture of tools, devices, molds (SDV), CNC machining, welding, manufacture of metal structures.

  4dimensions SRL Bucuresti

Provides a wide range of services for both architecture and restoration, as well as integrated advertising services and 3D graphics.

  Adest Architecture SRL Bucuresti

Founded in 2000, is an office Adest Architectural dynamic and efficient architecture that provides project management architecture and local and foreign clients.

  Agenco SRL Bucuresti

Design, consulting, civil engineering expertise, residential, commercial, consolidation and modernization, the existing hospitals and new technologies.

  Agentia de Intretinere si Servicii Energetice Miercurea-Ciuc

Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Power.

  Agora Azur SRL Deva

Technical consulting and design in the milling. The representative firm producing machinery and spare parts for milling.

  Al Medina Arhitectura & Consulting SRL Bucuresti

AMA & C provide architectural design services, from surveying and obtaining permits to terminates the site and related consulting services.

  Alexion Consult SRL Bucuresti

Architecture design: building permits, site tracking, 3D presentations, interior and landscape design, real estate consultancy.

  Alfa Design SRL Bucuresti

Workshop design and architecture consultancy - Civil and industrial design, interior design, documentation planning.

  Alfrid SRL Pitesti

Design: forest planning, environmental reconstruction, forest roads, rivers and land regularization in the forest.

  Amorfus Invest SRL Cluj-Napoca

Design firm with experience in the design as soon as any type of construction. Generate the certificate of urbanism, the necessary approvals and building permit.

  Amper Proiect SRL Oradea

Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Voltage electrical networks.

  Andronic Bogdan-Mihail PFA

Webdesign, re-design, hosting websites, logo design and promotional materials.

  Antalex & Co SRL Bucuresti

Provides consulting services and construction design, the following categories: HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing and fire.

  Architectural Design SRL Bucuresti

Young company in architectural design.

  Arheco Design SRL Bucuresti

Design and consulting and interior design, civil and industrial landscape design, urbanism.

  Arhiama Grup SRL Pitesti

Arrangements and interior design. Design.

  Arhivent Proiect SRL Bucuresti

Design, consulting, architecture, construction, installation - best offer.

  Arxtudio Ceramic Design SRL Bucuresti

Arxtudio Ceramic Design - Studio for creative research in ceramic foo. Production of items of porcelain, earthenware, vitrus, ceramics, custom decals, sanitary ware, trophies.

  As Consult Proiect SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Design and construction consultancy. Development of technical projects and obtaining approvals for specialties: architecture, resistance machines, roads and bridges.

  AS Engineering SRL Brasov

Design and installation consulting field. Execution of electrical, heating, plumbing.

  Asociatia Familiala Mihaly Soft

Designing and implementing web pages. Designing web pages. Administration of web pages. Analysis, design and implementation of on-line databases.

  AVE Instal Proiect SRL Bucuresti

Designing for construction: electrical, lighting and electrical outlets, electrical power, protection equipment by the grounding.

  Avid Biz SRL Bucuresti

Consultancy services in administration online business, translation, web design, web creation, web directory registration and search engines, online ads publishing.

  Axis Laminate SRL Sibiu

Designing and producing decorative wrought iron. This work has three main areas: construction equipment, commands unique (fencing elements (gates, fence panels), awnings, railings, parapets, stairs, companies, decorative panels), furniture and lighting, small decorative items (candlesticks, supports various decorative objects).

  AZ Building Development SRL Popesti Leordeni

Building Design, construction Site Supervision, energy certification, construction execution, consulting and technical assistance.

  Bedrian SRL Tecuci

For your event to be unique, vibrant color and you can contact us. For weddings, christenings or birthdays, we offer special services, conducted in a professional!

  Birou Individual Arhitectura Mihai Tica Mateescu

Construction design services. Architectural design services. Design.

  BitSign Computers SRL Pietroasa

Designing and implementing web professional hosting services.

  Bluetech SRL Targu Jiu

AZ Internet services, engineering, design, hosting.

  BPM System SRL Miercurea-Ciuc


  Bronis SRL Brasov

Power industry consulting.

  Bucin Adrian PFA

Building Site, check the project, Technical Execution, electrician, Electrical Works, electrical design.

  Bucovinadevis Consult SRL Marginea

We provide consultancy in project management, feasibility studies, business plans, applications, implementation of quality standards, environment, health and safety.

  C Construct SRL Cluj-Napoca

We offer both public and private pools assemble. Regular maintenance for public and private pools.

  C Shoff System SRL Targu Secuiesc

Design, interior. Design, visualize (photorealistic projects), implementation and consultancy in the fields of shops & offices, counters & showcases, advertising materials, containers.

  C&P Construct Consult SRL Simeria

Provides resistance design or structural design: civil (apartment buildings, residential complexes, villas, holiday homes, family homes).

  Caloria SRL Cluj-Napoca

Design heating, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, gas, utility networks (water, sewer, gas), consulting and verification projects, Coordination on site.

  Capital Vision SRL Focsani

Providing design services in civil engineering and road infrastructure to the highest quality standards.

  Casemania SRL Iasi

Complete projects for project execution. obtaining building permits and projects for execution projects for obtaining grants for homes, halls, hostels, hotels.

  Claro Design SRL Bacau

We design web sites profesiniste will reserve a field. "Ro" and offer hosting on one of our servers. Minimum prices, high quality!

  Claudia Exim SRL Bucuresti

I want to do my house! I urbanism certificate, with a long list of opinions! Where to take it? I have time to sit in a row, and every time I agreement at work? We are your solution!

  Code932 SRL Iasi

We offer three-dimensional design space. We create 3D visual effects, TV commercials, technical simulations and architectural views.

  Compact SRL Deva

Architectural design, construction and installation.

  Con'art Deco SRL Sura Mare

Company with extensive experience executing projects (civil and industrial), interior and exterior design, consulting, preparing study the feasibility.

  Concept Design Timisoara


  Concept SRL Baia Mare

Design. Interior decoration. Full advertising agency. Lighting fixtures, floor lamps, chandeliers.

  Coned SRL Deva

Design and consulting for water supply systems and sanitation, environmental protection, water management projects with EU financing.

  Confidence SRL Vlahita

Design and development of plastic products, 3D CAD modeling, optimizing their given technology and manufacturing injection mold. Design of plastic injection molds.

  Constan Construct SRL Iasi

Building design and systems, architecture, construction coordination.

  Consteel Plan Design SRL Brasov

Civil and industrial design at low prices.

  Contrast Media Design SRL Bucuresti

Architectural design, 3d modeling, surveying, design and graphic design, web design, quality services at reasonable prices.

  Corcontab Prima SRL Bucuresti

Energy green certificate is issued within 24 hours. We are authorized auditors.

  Cores SRL Timisoara

Illuminated signs production. Non/bright signage. Design.

  CRD - Compania pentru Dezvoltarea Afacerilor SA Bucuresti

Highly professional services in the following areas: investment consulting, design, planning, engineering and other technical services.

  Cromatica SRL Baia Mare

Printing house. Design.

  Damini Prod Com SRL Baia Mare

Long tradition of publicity, as meeting deadlines, close collaboration with each customer. These factors have made a name in this field.

  Darimar Consulting SRL Rodna

ISO: SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, SR EN OHSAS 18001:2007, SR EN ISO 22000:2005.

  Darius Corporation SRL Brasov

Metal structural details.

  Dasein - birou de arhitectura si dezvoltare SRL Bucuresti

Project management activities within an integrated consulting services specialised in architecture, planning, construction, real estate and urban development.

  Decum SRL Bucuresti

Consultancy for accessing Structural Funds and other EU funds, project management. Design and implementation of management systems, ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 18001 / other standards.

  DePopa Invest SRL Oradea

Building design, houses, buildings, commercial spaces, office. Preparing PUD's, PUZ, consulting and documentation.

  Dico si Tiganas Birou de Proiectare SRL Cluj-Napoca

Design, architecture, structures and installations.

  Digital IB Design SRL Slatina

Web design, logo, brochures, posters, brochures.

  Dinamic Concept SRL Zalau

Design services in civil, industrial, agricultural, roads and bridges.

  Divrician Art SRL Bucuresti

Interior decoration. Arrangements and interior design. Design. Sculpture. Artistic glass products.

  Doru Cantemir Engineering SRL Iasi

Mechanical design, including molds and CAM. Finite element calculation (FEM). 3D modeling. Pass on paper drawings in electronic format. Training CAD / FEM. Rapid prototyping. Reverse engineering.

  Dutch Marine Trading Design S.A. Galati

Specialized in design, manufacture and trade of marine and dredging equipments. The manufacturing of our equipment is carried out in Cooperation with Romania and Ukraine from the factories.

  Dynamic Media Sign SRL Iasi

Production in Iasi advertising: banners, mesh, light boxes, totems, awnings, indoor and outdoor prints, prints stickers, business cards, car inscriptions, panels and stopper.

  East European Supply Solution SRL Selimbar

EESS gets you in contact with companies in the Qualified Industrial-like domain: Turnin CNC, CNC milling, CNC grinding, casting, forging, heat Treatment.

  Ecoterra SRL Bucuresti

Environmental Engineering: water supply projects and sewerage treatment plants and wastewater treatment. Impact studies, environmental balance, integrated and specialized studies for air, water, soil.

  Edil Futuro SRL Eforie Sud

Construction / design / architecture / installation / study geo / topography / land.

  Edil Proiect SRL Bacau

Consultancy and design, architecture, topography.

  Electra Total Consulting SA Ramnicu Valcea-Filiala

Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Software and custom solutions. Consulting in computer engineering. Sale of computers.

  Electrica SA-Sucursala de Distributie Craiova

Technical assistance for energy. Construction and repairs for power plants. Power industry consulting. Applied research in energy-made field. Power. Electricity production equipment and facilities.

  Electrica Serv SA Sucursala Oltenia - Agentia Alexandria

Construction and repairs for power plants. Specialised construction for energy.

  Electroconstructia Elco Oradea SA

Specialised construction for energy. Electrical equipment and appliances. Construction and repairs for power plants. Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Sale of accessories for electrical networks. Supplier for power industry.

  ELM Electromontaj Cluj SA

Specialised construction for energy. Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Construction and repairs for power plants. Equipment and facilities for electric power distribution. Electrical networks - installation and setup for constructions.

  Ene Ionut-Alexandru PFA - Eidesign

Independent graphic designer with experience in corporate identity, visual identity, display graphics, logo design, professional web design.

  Energetica Nord-Vest SA Osorhei

Specialised construction for energy. Power industry consulting. Climbing/rope access services.

  Energo-Concept SRL Bacau

Electrical design and consulting: interior installations, electrical connections, overhead lines and underground up to 20 kV substations, street lighting.

  Estacons Proiect SRL Bucuresti

Resistance design for structures. Construction: constr. Civil (houses, villas, buildings, office buildings), industrial (industrial buildings, storage) special (wind towers, antennas).

  Euro Web Studio SRL Bucuresti

We offer the following services: web design, web services, web design, web design rates, web design prices, web design company, Web design, monthly maintenance, intranet, web hosting, web hosting.

  Euroland 2002 SRL Bistrita

Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Electric wiring and networks. Voltage electrical networks. Equipment and facilities for alternative energy production.

  Eurostil Proiect SRL Deva

Construction design services. Design. Construction. Construction services.

  Excel Grup SRL Hunedoara

Decorations for any event: business meetings, conferences, parties, weddings, christenings. Sets have unique style, using them: natural flowers, decorative lights.

  Exelectro Engineering Bucuresti

Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Power industry consulting.

  F&G Project SRL Cluj-Napoca

Company specialised in CAD drawings of construction projects, architectural, mechanical, electrical and topographical offers its services to achieve high quality drawings.

  Falcorom Engineering SRL Timisoara

French-Romanian design office - 80 engineers design, develop research projects - development - innovation in the fields Plasturgie, Engineering Mechanics - special machines.

  Faur Ioana-Alexandra Nova Casa Design Intreprindere Individuala

Provide efficient solutions redecoration, desires and needs personalized and tailored each client.

  FiammaProget SRL Sighisoara

Design for furnaces and dryers. Ceramic industry. Technical assistance for installation and commissioning for the equipment designed. Technology services for ceramic production plants.

  Fichtner Engineering SA Bucuresti

Power designing. Pipelines and installations.

  Fish Studio SRL Bucuresti

Mainly provides services architecture and modeling / 3D visualization (static renderings and animations). Design Department handles graphic design, web design and layout.

  Folio Q SRL Brasov

Full advertising agency. Layout services for printing. Advertising agency. Design.

  Folplast SRL Cluj-Napoca

Website design, logo, logo, magazine covers, brochures, business cards, invitations, banners, catalogs, graphics processing, hosting, domains reservation, e-commerce.

  Glorimex SRL Bucuresti

Design of refrigeration, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (refrigeration in the food industry, ice rinks, steam).

  Grafix Profesional SRL Brasov

Architectural design services. Design. Construction design services.

  Habit SRL Cluj-Napoca

Full service architectural design, planning, interior design, landscape design, consultancy, installation and resistance.

  Herald SRL Bucuresti

Consulting for companies, corporate visual identity and web site design.

  Hidro Tech Consult SRL Braila

Technical consulting, design, repair and production in the field of naval equipment and Advantageous.

  I & C Design SRL Timisoara

Office architecture design civil and industrial designs.

  Icemenerg SA Bucuresti

Engineering, design. Power industry consulting. Power. Energy conservation services. Documentation centre, information studies. IT services. Metals testing services - tensile strength, corrosion. Applied research in energy-made field. Technical assistance.

  Icemenerg Service SA Bucuresti-Filiala

Power industry consulting. Equipment and appliances for hydroelectric/thermoelectric power plants. Electrical engineering and automation. Systems and equipment for automation. Supplier for power industry. Applied research in energy-made field. Power.

  Idea Design & Print SRL Timisoara

Printing house. Professional photography services. Design. Graphics and handmade design for economic agents. Advertising agency. Photography services.

  InAction Events SRL Bucuresti

We offer design sets, including supervision of construction decoration (optional production setting), light-design (lighting solutions), television formats, graphics and broadcast TV channel.

  Industrial Service & Com SRL Alba Iulia

Design in the refractory industry. Products and machinery. Design in the field of construction materials. Products and equipment, automation and modernization / design and construction / consulting.

  InPrint SRL Constanta

Translation from 9 lei page. Apostille and legalization documents. Editing services, DTP, web design.

  Integral Consulting R & D SRL Bucuresti

Design, research and development, consulting, management and urban railway rolling stock and components.

  Intelli Solutions SRL Iasi

Appeal to trust in terms of Intelli Solutions: branding and rebranding campaigns, web design, graphic design, web applications. We will create a quality image!

  Interface Carpati SRL Pitesti

specialised in Process Engineering, Product Engineering, documentation, translation and interpretation techniques in the following sectors: aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

  Inventa Trademark Protection Bucuresti

Trademark and copyright registration services. Legal advice and representation. Design consultancy. Consultancy for industrial property, OSIM.

  InventCAD SRL Timisoara

We offer CAD design, finite element analysis and fracture mechanics analysis. In our area of activity includes the development of programs.

  Ioan Co. Bucuresti

Projects complete houses, villas, warehouses, stores, offices. Product Cheap houses projects. Obtaining building permit / construction and approvals required in the town.

  Ipromet SA Bucuresti

Construction design services. Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Tools and equipment. Automation. Sale of electrical devices and accessories. Design.

  Irmes SA Sibiu

Design activities, technical assistance and micro-operation to solve problems of thermal and hydroelectric plants.

  Jager Robert PFA - Consultanta de mediu

Environmental consulting. Obtainin permits, agreements and environmental permits. Risk assessment studies. Environmental Audits and reports. Waste Management.

  Jellyfish SRL Timisoara

Timisoara web design company - we offer complete web design, SEO, online shops, online marketing, online branding and web consulting

  Kelemen Arpad (Hidroka) P.F.A.

Regularization, damming rivers, water catchments, reservoirs, streams correction, ponds, wetlands, water supply, sewage treatment, cleaning, landscaping plans and planning.

  Kreativ Plan SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

We are building design, scope of work includes civil, industrial and agricultural.

  L I L Structural Design SRL Cluj-Napoca

Building Design Bureau. Entrepreneurship and industrial construction project management (steel buildings or concrete), civil (showrooms, retail parks, commercial, residential buildings, houses).

  Levi MV Inter SRL Iasi


  Lili Proiect Construct SRL Iasi

Geotechnical studies, land books, situation plans, feasibility studies, obtaining documentation, urbanism certificate, documentation approvals, agreements, technical books, site assistance.

  Lime Trend Impex SRL Bucuresti

Multimedia design, flash sites, events. Resistance structure design department.

  Linman Grup SRL Piatra Neamt

Web design, data recovery services, consulting.

  Load Media SRL Bucuresti

Web design and web promotion. Founders are licensed in journalism, economics and computer science, with an activity of more than 7 years on average.

  Mac Pixel SRL Timisoara

Creation/maintenance of web pages and complex sites. Design. Image strategy creation. Internet services. Websites hosting. Advertising agency. Full advertising agency. Public relations and pitch. Advertising media spots.

  Mandroviceanu V.Anca - Urbanist

Preparing documentation - construction plans.

  Martrading SRL Baia Mare

Architectural design services. Design. Architectural and real-estate planning.

  Matrix Engineering SRL Bucuresti

Architecture, engineering services, project management.

  Metal Concept SRL Bucuresti

Architecture, resistance machines for steel buildings, office premises, auto show room, supermarkets, warehouses and warehouses. Documentation execution and installation in the smallest details.

  Mihaiescu Ioana, Arhitect

Architectural design services. Architectural related services. Construction consultancy services. Design.

  Miviga SRL Targu Mures

Consulting in quality management systems according to cGMP, ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, OHSAS, 17025, 15189, 17799, DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ.

  Moldape SRL Bacau

Design and consultancy in water management, hydro construction, environmental engineering, water supply, sewerage, technical documentation required to obtain approvals / permits.

  Moldrom Exim SRL Botosani

Import-export activities of goods and products. Trade of general use products. Mobile telecommunications. Design. Electrical equipment and appliances.

  Monogrup SRL Cluj-Napoca

Communication solutions in the areas of web design, brand strategy, technology, consulting, marketing and media services.

  Mouldrom SRL Timisoara

Our office is specialized in design projects of special machines and 3D design. Our office is specialized in research projects of molds and plastic.

  Multiply SRL Piatra Neamt

Advertising materials. We manufacture rubber stamps and prints. Advertising agency. Design.

  Muntean Georgeta Intreprindere Individuala

Perform geotechnical studies required to obtain building permits in a short time, for any type of building.

  Nemacris SRL Craiova

Web design agency based in Craiova. We offer web design, search engine optimization, logo creation, create presentation folders and business cards.

  Neni SRL Tifesti

Design of civil, industrial and agricultural structures in wood, metal, concrete, mixed. Parks and holiday cottages.

  New Engineering Services SRL Timisoara

Design and programming CNC machine in the field (Mould, devices) etc.

  Nexus Com SRL Baia Mare

Furniture Design. Design of advertising. Industrial Design.

  Nik-Design SRL Sfantu Gheorghe

Design and execution: graphics and advertising design, environmental and show.

  Nola 7 LTD Bulgaria Sucursala Bucuresti

Engineering company, engineering, design and construction of swimming pools, water parks, wellness and spa center, saunas, steam baths, whirlpool tubs.

  O & S Consulting SRL Timisoara

Design services in civil engineering and industrial design, especially the resistance, but the whole package, including obtaining approvals and permits.

  Only One Design SRL Bucuresti

If you want a site that fits your business objectives, then here you find the right offer and a team of specialists is available with the necessary advice.

  OVI Provicons SRL Roman

Civil engineering design services for industrial and agricultural expertise.

  Partener Design SRL Cluj-Napoca

specialised in object design and presentation / 3D visualization, multimedia applications.

  PING Productie Servicii Comert SRL Bucuresti

Design company specialised in assisted design (CAD) and manufacture of prototypes. We provide a complete package of design services, from solid modeling (3D) to drawings (2D).

  Plasma Design SRL Targoviste

Designing and building web pages and applications.

  Plasty Prod SA Constanta

Custom awnings and parasols. Light signs manufacturer. Illuminated signs production. Design. Advertising agency. Serigraphy and pad printing services. Engraving art. Graphic art and paintings. Decorations.

  Poemedia SRL Targoviste

Web design. Special web applications. Print Design (posters, brochures, flyers, greeting cards, calendars). Corporate identity (logo, stationery, brand manual, interface design), multimedia presentations.

  Polka System SRL Bucuresti

Design services and design patterns for the clothing industry - basic patterns / grading / plot / framing, consumption / samples / design models, collections / series production in the workshop.

  Procel SA Ramnicu Valcea

Power designing. Pipelines and installations. Electric wiring and networks.

  Procivil SRL Slobozia

Design / st feasibility civil, industrial, utilities, water systems, sewer, gas. Infrastructure: roads, parks, sports grounds. Consulting structural funds. Energy audit.

  Prodcom Impex Stefalina SRL Bucuresti

Burn shirts, protective equipment and any textile backing.

  Professional Design Consulting SRL Bucuresti

Full service web design, database design, implementation cards, making advertising, desktop publishing.

  Proiect L.G. & C.F. SRL Constanta

Design railways, roads, bridges, design, land transport of horses Undercrossing, file running cranes, Track RK, cost evaluation work on the railway.

  Q.F.G Proiect SRL Prejmer

Assistance and sanitary engineering, water, sewerage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire fighting.

  Rebell SRL Vulcan

Interior Design: consulting, design and design solutions ambientare, assistance in purchasing products, supervision during the development works.

  Redgraph SRL Iasi

Our company provides complex design, functional and technical solutions combining ideas, imagination and creativity. Phases: PUD, RCP, study solution, DTAC, PTH, DE, expertise.

  Remold System SRL Iasi

CAD products (plastic parts, aluminum, tin, furniture) and SDV-specific sites for execution (molds, dies, tools), consultancy mechanically.

  Rex Grup SRL Iasi

Design, architecture, consultancy.

  RI Design SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Design. Stickers personalized printing. Printing offices.

  Rizea Proiectare Consultanta SRL Slatina

Design services, civil construction, installation, Coordination on site.

  Road Project SRL Alexandria

Design: roads, county and municipal. Streets in urban and rural. Industrial Railways: RTE preparation, preparation of mining permits, drawing CF demolition industry.

  RoboMatic SRL Bucuresti

Romanian consultancy and design company. Supplier of goods and services in the fields of automation, electrical and energy management. Exclusive distributor: MTL, ASCO, Kuebler, RTK, HUB.

  Rom Scad Proiect SRL Bucuresti

Our company performs complete architectural projects (architecture, strength and equipment). Digital Design with 3D visualization models. Planning studies and projects.

  Romasco Concept SRL Bucuresti

Consulting and design. Consulting for project execution. Feasibility studies. Designs. Detailed design. Road markings.

  Romtrade SRL Craiova

Web design, web creation, 2D graphics, layout magazines and brochures, photo processing, composing logos, distribution and installation of digital television receivers.

  RP Estates Development

Architectural design services. Engineering, design. Construction. Construction services. Design. Architectural design services.

  S.C.P. Case SA Resita

Construction design services. Design and planning for public works. Construction consultancy services. Design consultancy. Architectural design services. Rental of retail space and office space. Architectural design services. Evaluations and appraisals.

  Sailor Cons SRL Bucuresti

Consultancy for the design, implementation and certification of management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

  Seeba Proiect SRL Medias

Designing (civil engineering, gas - transport and food), design, layout, software development.

  Segula Technologies Romania SRL Bucuresti

Office design - auto mechanics, aviation mechanics, general equipment, naval installations, technical documentation, Gorup Segula member firm in France.

  Semos Consulting Grup SRL Bucuresti

Our company offers three packages: corporate identity (logo, business cards, pens, diaries, posters, banners) purchases and sales consulting, corporate events.

  Sider Technologies Bureau SRL Bucuresti

Offers design, consultancy and technical assistance for civil and industrial, mechanical equipment, steel structures and facilities.

  Sigma Consulting SRL Bucuresti

Management services for the ISO certification: ISO 9001 consultancy, ISO 14001, HACCP consultants / ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and integrated management systems.

  Signo SRL Odorheiu Secuiesc

Manufacturer of promotional items and other advertising products. Design. Non/bright signage.

  Silva Route SRL Timisoara

The design of highways, forestry and its related technical consultancy.

  SIS Tech Trade SRL Iasi

Design devices, dies and molds and plastic injection board, LPG supply systems consulting - small bulk, accounting advice.

  Sky Net Systems SRL Bucuresti

Real estate services architecture and design, planning, PUG, PUZ, PUD, interior design, building exhibition stands.

  Skyland SRL Iasi

Our team handles projects that require creative art, creative concept and graphic design. You can ask for: identity and logo, brochures, flyers, catalogs, magazines, menus.

  Socet SA Bucuresti

Equipment and appliances for hydroelectric/thermoelectric power plants. Construction and repairs for power plants. Power industry consulting. Electricity production equipment and facilities.

  Spot Promo SRL Bascov

Signs, letters, banners, totems, stands, burning.

  Structural Cad SRL SRL Sebes

Company certified ISO 9001/2008 run: civil engineering, industrial and agricultural surveys and energy audits. Energy Performance Certificates. Responsible for technical execution.

  Studio Architecture&Engineering SRL Namaesti

Prepared technical documtatii architecture and engineering for obtaining various approvals, permits, PUD and PUZ.

  Supercon SRL Galati

Building Design.

  Tectonics Art SRL Timisoara

Full service architectural design and urban design (PUD, PUZ), coordination and execution tracking, consulting civil engineering, industrial.

  Termoproiect SRL Iasi

Power Engineering. Pipelines and facilities. Installations for construction. Services / installation / maintenance of central heating. Industrial consultancy in large projects.

  Termoserv Deva SA Mintia

Construction and repairs for power plants. Power designing. Pipelines and installations.

  Terraverde SRL Onesti

Arrangements and interior design. Consulting. Furniture. Design. Touristic services.

  Timagus Confex SRL Pitesti

Roads, bridges, water supply and sewage networks, civil and industrial buildings, construction.

  Tipo-Graf SRL Sfantu Gheorghe

Printing house. Design. Desktop publishing, DTP, printing films. Posters.

  Tonciu Ionica A.F. Slatina

Illuminated signs production. Custom awnings and parasols. Design. Graphics and handmade design for economic agents.

  Topo Agro Engineering G & S SRL Capatanesti

Tabulation and urban land outside the city, apartment, land book for topographic studies. Obtaining construction permits, studios, building entries, dismantling, accessions.

  Total Serv GC SRL Targu Mures

Consulting and design services in the field of civil construction and industrial related facilities.

  Totem Iride SRL Iasi

Expert advice and support in decoration and interior decoration of public and private spaces. Design services, interior design, procurement & color, painting services.

  Tour Proiect SRL Tulcea

Projects follow and surveilling (coordination on), install electrical, plumbing, heating.

  Transart SRL Bacau

Illuminated signs production. Design. Gardens. Manufacturer of promotional items and other advertising products. Outdoor advertising. Banners. Panels. Mesh. Canvas. Building facades and finishes. Tile plating services for construction industry.

  Twoali Prod Impex SRL Campina


  Upper SRL Cluj-Napoca

Upper - Web design & Webmarketing provides web design services, programming, onpage seo, site promotion, online advertising, copywriting.

  Vanel Exim SRL Bacau

Design and planning for public works.

  Versant SRL Baia Mare

Advertising agency. Outdoor advertising. Banners. Panels. Mesh. Canvas. Design. Posters. Promotional materials. Advertising folding and modular stands.

  Vest Instal SRL Calarasi

Our company main activity is to design installations for civil and industrial design water networks and sewage networks.

  Vision Engeneering SRL Bucuresti

With specialized staff consisting of engineers with 5-10 years experience CFDP, we offer design services and technical assistance roads, platforms, vertical systematization.

  Viso Construct SRL Galati

Webdesign and hosting company that provides solutions for organizations, businesses or individuals. Whether you are designing a new or renew an existing site, we have the solution.

  Vizual SRL Cluj-Napoca

Advertising campaigns, design, communication, advertising production.

  Web Expert Pro SRL Bucuresti

We create, promote and host websites.

  Web One Design SRL Ramnicu Valcea

Web design and web development solutions offering organizations, businesses or individuals, whether you design a site from scratch or rebuilding an existing one.

  Webizmus SRL Miercurea-Ciuc

Webdesign, design, redesign, programming, photography, hosting, banner logo at the highest level!

  Werk A.D. SA Sibiu

Arrangements and interior design. Design consultancy.

  West Group Architecture Bucuresti

Planning and feasibility studies, architectural projects for buildings with complex functions: project management, cost control, documentation for approval, interior architecture.

  Wiel Com SRL Solca

Projects (construction permits, details) for villas, holiday homes, administrative offices, churches, schools, swimming pools, industrial buildings.

  YourChoice SRL Iasi

Production and web advertising company offers web design services, making Web sites, Internet advertising, logo, identity, print, web promotion and optimization.

  Zarnescu Valeriu Emil PFA

Portal to all firms in the county of Maramures. Search by keyword, results grouped by categories: real estate, automotive, food, health, culture, industrial products.

  Zeta Volens Proiect SRL Pitesti

CADAM design, 2D-3D mechanical (robotic welding devices, jobs and technological lines) for automobile manufacturing. Consulting and technical assistance in project execution.

  Zirkon Proiect SRL Vaslui

Power designing. Pipelines and installations.


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