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7 companies from Suceava county act in business field Health, section Disinfection & Decontamination & Deratisation.

Rent a car. Mercedes, Skoda, Fiat, BMW, VW. Rent a Car.                        

Professional pest control, pest control and disinfection at the lowest prices!


Fireproofing services for flammable materials. Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control.

Provides professional services in the DDD (disinfestation, disinfection), addressing to al....

We offer high quality professional services in the field of pest control, pest control, di....

Company Profile perform rat control services, Pest and disinfection by authorized personnel. Prices are negotiable depending on work surface....

Disinfestation services, disinfection apartments, shops, restaurants, hotels.

18 companies from neighbors counties( Neamt, Botosani, Bistrita-Nasaud, Iasi ) acting in domain Health, section Disinfection & Decontamination & Deratisation.

Pest control, pest control, disinfection, larvicidari treatments, trees, fire retardant, distribution substances approved by the Health Mini....

Para product distribution company and natural products. We are a team which testi the mark....

Pest and vermin control and commercial production with natural ventilation or forced.

Importer and distributor of Brazil compressors.

Pest control services, disinfection and herbicides. Our company provides professional work, using substances and certified technologies.

Perform professional services for disinfection, disinsection, rat extermination at the best prices.

Disinfection, disinfestation, disinfection.

Services Pest disinfestation and disinfection, plant and herbicide treatments, prompt and quality.

Pest control company offers services, disinfection, cleaning - modern equipment, qualified and certified. Use substances approved by the Min....

We offer high quality professional services in the field of pest control, and disinfection....

Submit a program in order to protect your premises against pest you face. The company has ....

Our services are addressed to all categories of clients: public institutions, economic entities or individuals, enabling favorable conclusio....

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control. Hygiene, cleaning after construction.                                

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control. Service providers.

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control.                                

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control. Sanitation and urban service delivery, groomi....

Professional pest control, disinfection.                                

Services: disinfection, disinfestation. Sell: disinfectants, paint strippers, degreasers, ....


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