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7 companies from Salaj county act in business field Constructions, section Civil & Industrial & Special Contractor.

Turn-key construction. Civil construction finishing.

Pool constructor - AQUABLUE. We make prefabricated pools, PVC Liner, residential and publi....



Construction. Construction services. Arrangements and interior design. Sale of building materials.

Industrial and civil construction.

Construction. Construction services.

Industrial and civil construction. Raw materials and materials for thermal insulation/waterproofing. Turn-key construction.

Industrial and civil construction. Electric wiring and networks.

43 companies from neighbors counties( Cluj, Bihor, Satu-Mare, Maramures ) acting in domain Constructions, section Civil & Industrial & Special Contractor.

Manufacturing and assembly wooden houses, combining tradition with modern technology exist....

Sells industrial-type garage doors. Germany Ghunter-Tore-Tore Ghunter partnership with Romania.

Specialized in research, development and application of industrial materials of constructi....

Designing networks and electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning - electric execu....

Special construction company authorized in the termoprotectiei (fire) Structural steel and rope access.

Construction and equipment for building and engineering.

We perform mechanized digging, construction opperations.

Execution of prefabricated steel buildings and design.                                

We perform complete construction in civil or industrial. The company has 20 employees. Experience in construction and arrangement of houses ....

Research and design and construction, installation, heat engineering.

Construction of houses, villas, industrial, interior Spatial. Building in red, turnkey con....

Building wooden houses and chalets. We offer: wooden houses, chalets, wood windows, interi....

Civil engineering. Sale of car accessories and spare parts. Petrol station for vehicles.                                

Civil, houses and attics.                                

Construction works. Houses / cottages on. Sale of building materials, heating and sanitary.

Produce: vibro concrete pavers, a wide range of palisades, ditches, borders and items for ....

Special construction: concrete industrial floors continue and resin, according to HACCP an....

Exceptional finishes, red houses, total finish including design, workers with no criminal record, orderly, non-alcoholics, recommendations, ....

Company with experience of international work in civil engineering, sewerage and roads and....

Construction company specialized in roofing. The scope of the company includes complete su....

Company with national and international experience of working in civil engineering, constr....

Transport building materials, construction building, roads, bridges, civil, industrial, ho....

Design resistance structure to civil engineering structures, industrial and agricultural, metal, concrete, wood, complex.

We manufacture and assemble joinery P.V.C. quality (Brugmann, CCG, Saphir), made in house. Wide range of profiles and colors. Price includes....

We manufacture industrial concrete floors, polished mechanically with rotating machines (helicopters) single and double. Casting is done usi....

Experience over 18 years in aluminum facades, curtain walls, glass and PVC insulation. Wor....

Construction company based in Zaragoza, Spain with branch in Cluj Napoca, Romania. He has ....

Architecture firm and entrepreneurship. Over 20 years experience in Germany and Romania. D....

Cheapest systems produce prefabricated housing and vacation in the world. Details on site.....

Company is specialized in civil and industrial works. The company operates in internationa....

Construction and design for access roads. Construction installation-assembly. Bridges design and building. Resistant structures.

Construction. Construction services. Industrial and civil construction. Construction installation-assembly.

Construction. Construction services. Construction installations. Gas and water piping for construction. Industrial and civil construction. U....

Industrial and civil construction.

Industrial and civil construction. Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Aluminium and ....

Industrial and civil construction. Construction. Construction services.

Construction. Construction services. Urban construction.                                

Civil engineering. Domestic road transport. Sheep breeding - sheep farm.

Industrial and civil construction. Metal structures, profiles and fittings.

Rubber products. Construction and land design services for sports. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Roads construction materials. Equip....

Industrial and civil construction. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings.

Construction installations. Industrial and civil construction.

Stone carving services.


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