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27 companies from Prahova county act in business field Household, section Architecture & Designing & Consulting & Services.

We build houses, villas, holiday homes, pensions, houses with wood structure, American hom....

Construction design services. Real estate agency.


Architectural design services.

Architectural design services. Scientific research, design, project development. Architect....

Architectural design services. Architectural design services. Construction design services....

Architectural design services. Construction design services.

Graphics and handmade design for economic agents. Painting & graphics.

Architectural design services.

Construction consultancy services. Architectural design services. Site manager. Construction design services. Construction services. Propert....

Land and tabulation services at land & building registers. Construction design services. Mirrors, frames installation services/trading.

Construction consultancy services. Land and tabulation services at land & building registers.

Bridges designing. Construction consultancy services. Construction design services.

Building demolition services. Fireworks - service provider. Construction services. Hydropower engineering. Facilities for navigation. Explos....

Architectural design services.

Construction design services.

Electric wiring and networks. Construction design services. Architectural and real-estate ....

Construction design services.

Architectural design services.

Coordination on site and monitoring permitted works: 2.3 Agribusinesses civil and mining area as B, C, D, 6.1 urban engineering works and wa....

Construction design services. Consulting.

Architectural design services.

Construction design services.

Construction design services. Environment protection. Construction installation-assembly. ....

Software. Construction design services.                        

Real estate agency. Construction design services.

Hydro, thermal and sound insulators. Waterproofing professional services and materials. Re....

Construction design services. Construction and architecture. Civil engineering.

23 companies from neighbors counties( Bucuresti, Ilfov, Brasov, Dambovita ) acting in domain Household, section Architecture & Designing & Consulting & Services.

Turnkey construction and repair, contractor, consulting, technology transfer, exchange con....

Activities of architecture, engineering and related services, design, activities related to software, editing programs, activities related t....

Architecture design, software distribution.

Architecture, real estate development, promotion, advertising, Agents involved in the sale of timber and construction.

Architecture, interior design, furniture & lighting design, project & construction managem....

Everything for your home.                                

The next level in the design of building systems: heating, electrical, plumbing, ventilati....

For architectural projects. various constructions related documentation, interior design, consulting, for orders. paintings, sculpture, cera....

Wide range of services covering the entire process conception: architecture, engineering, interior and exterior.

Project PT-PAC-DDE, architecture, resistance machines. Technical expertise. Opinions. 3D presentations. Machete.

PVC and aluminum rulori, mosquito nets, garage doors, automatic, interior.

Projects, AC, DDE, coordination refurbishment works, re, remodeling, finish selection, furniture design, carpentry design details assembling....

Dealer selling nationwide to assemble metal wood connectors, fittings, gates and fences, i....

Architecture design, resistance, machines. Drawing all further studies. Obtaining all necessary approvals and permits.

Design of architecture, urbanism, interior. Projects and unique type of houses and villas,....

Consulting and engineering systems: heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical.

Complete building design services, addressing a wide range of programs from individual hom....

Building houses, house projects, wooden houses, wooden houses, interior, industrial constr....

Architectural design, interior design, documentation PUZ, PUD, 3D views.

We are nature lovers and followers of the beautiful, would you like us to address those co....

CADian software distribution. CADian can replace AutoCAD in a very good price. $ 250 + VAT....

General design office architecture, structural strength and equipment. Arch Group designs ....

Design services, project installation, construction projects, consulting work project bid ....


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