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6 companies from Mures county act in business field Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Mustard. Production of furniture.

Milk processing.


Harvesting and processing of diet snails.

Chocolate. Ice cream. Sweets manufacturer.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Tea production/sale. Medicinal herbs.

44 companies from neighbors counties( Harghita, Cluj, Bistrita-Nasaud, Sibiu ) acting in domain Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Candy manufacturing company, present on the Romanian market since 1918, with a long tradit....

Manufacturer of flexible packaging for milling and bakery.                                

Produce mustard in different tastes: sweet, classic, fine semicondimentat with horseradish....

Stickers. Aluminium foil for packaging and food industry. Stickers personalized printing. ....

Processing and marketing of honey and other bee products.                                

Food for diet/nutrition. Import/export of food. Clocks repairing.

Food vinegar production. Bottling machinery and equipment.

Pasta production.

Ice cream. Food wholesaler. Food distribution.                                

Packaging activities for spices.

Production of food. Pastry - production. Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs.

Ice cream. Chocolate.                                

Pre-packaged foods. Food retailers.

Pasta production.

Sweets manufacturer. Chocolate.

Sweets manufacturer.

Pasta production.

Expanded food. Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Expanded food.

Packaging activities for spices. Wholesale and retail trade.                                

Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Trade of general use products. Garden furniture. Construction made from wood.

Food supply.                                

Bakery. Retail bakery. Pasta production.

Food distribution. Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Cookie sheets - supply.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Pasta production.

Sweets manufacturer. Sweets.

Sweets manufacturer.

Sweets manufacturer.

Packaging activities for spices. Textile and footwear retailer.

Sweets manufacturer.

Food vinegar production.                                

Industrial production of alcoholic beverages. Supplier/manufacturer of edible alcohol. Wholesale of alcoholic beverages. Storage. Food vineg....

Trade of farm machinery and equipment. Pasta production.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Mineral water manufacturer. Soda processing machine. Soda shop. Filtered water.


Food supply. Import of raw materials for food industry.

Production of canned vegetables and fruits. Supermarket. Packaging activities for spices.

Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Expanded food.

Production of food.

Food supply. Wholesale and retail trade.


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