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34 companies from Ilfov county act in business field Constructions, section Civil & Industrial & Special Contractor.

Painting services and buildings painting.

Industrial and civil construction. Urban construction.


Industrial and civil construction.

Civil engineering.                        

Professional team perform civil, apartment renovations, consolidations, repairing, finishing, plating polystyrene, waterproofing, plaster, e....

Construction made from wood.                        

Industrial buildings, design of store-houses and warehouses. Metal structures for differen....

Provides professional solutions in the areas of work: civil, industrial, renovation, resto....

Construction made from wood.

Construction of buildings and civil engineering.

Restoration and rebuilding of civil construction.

Civil engineering. Farm engineering, agricultural greenhouses, warehouses. Restoration and rebuilding of civil construction.

Construction funeral of marble, granite and mosaic (curbs, vaults, tombs and crosses), mor....

Construction. Construction services. Architectural design services. Urban construction. Co....

Formwork and scaffolding for construction.                        

Civil engineering. Arrangements and interior design.

Rental of retail space and office space.

Pilots perform type drilling system drilled in CFA on a 200 mm diameter? a 800.                        

Formwork and scaffolding for construction.                        

Construction. Construction services. Arrangements and interior design. Industrial and civi....

Construction. Construction services.                        

Construction and civil engineering. Road works, industrial sites. Sewage works, septic tanks. Works hydro-insulation thermal insulation, pho....

Civil engineering.                        

Construction. Construction services. Electric wiring and networks. Air conditioning and heating devices. Industrial and civil construction. ....

Design and installation of methane pipelines. Installers and service for installations and domestic gas pipelines.

Construction. Construction services. Industrial and civil construction. Building demolitio....

Marble for construction. Plates and custom shapes. Industrial and civil construction. Inte....

Production and distribution of sectional garage doors, sectional doors indutriale, roller ....

Formwork and scaffolding for construction.                        

Industrial and civil construction.

Green roofs, terraces and facades covered with green vegetation. Depending on the load tha....

Civil engineering.                        

Construction. Construction services. Rental of retail space and office space.

Machinery and equipment rental for construction industry. Formwork and scaffolding for con....

16 companies from neighbors counties( Bucuresti, Prahova, Giurgiu, Dambovita ) acting in domain Constructions, section Civil & Industrial & Special Contractor.

Civil and industrial general contracting. Design, approval, execution key.                                

Representative of the company Isopan SpA, sells and promotes the full range of products Is....

Civil and industrial construction, obtaining permits, design, execution, monitoring work, ....

Civil, industrial, agricultural - the frame / concrete walls for houses and medium rise bu....

Rope access services: renovation of buildings facades, stained glass washing, installation....

Rehau representative. Construction, renovation, complete solutions for companies or indivi....

Design and construction, architecture and engineering villas, houses, office buildings, pr....

Construction of buildings, roof covering and building terraces, interior design, building and interior design, brokerage purchase, sale, ren....

Civil, special waterproofing, facades, painting, masonry.

Building houses, interior design, consolidation, renovations, design and construction cons....

Climbing Tools - Construction in height without scaffolding. Effective technical solutions....

Controlled explosion demolition. We may create the effect of implosion. Demolition mechani....

Well-trained team of workers coming to help you with an experience of 7 years in Italy. We can provide a Venetian atmosphere with facades th....

Application-epoxy industrial floors. The main beneficiaries are operators: pharmaceuticals, food, car service and storage.

Construction of houses according with the beneficiary project.                                

Residential buildings - termocofraj technology (expanded polystyrene formwork) Thermodul, interior, exterior design.


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