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27 companies from Gorj county act in business field Constructions, section Civil & Industrial & Special Contractor.

Civil engineering. Industrial and civil construction. Industrial buildings, design of store-houses and warehouses. Construction. Constructio....

Civil engineering. Sanitary house installations. House thermal insulation. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings.


Construction. Construction services. Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Construction....

Civil engineering. Tools and equipment. Construction installations. Construction services. Transportation of goods. Construction. Constructi....

Civil construction finishing. Building maintenance and repairs. Classic wooden joinery. Woodworking. We make interior wooden stairs. Wooden ....

Civil and industrial construction, roads, bridges, trade with various specific industrial and energy industry of coal extraction, repairing ....

Execution of construction at minimal prices.

Civil and industrial buildings, embankments and roads, water supply, sewerage, plating bon....

Construction. Construction services. Bakery.

Water and sewerage services. Industrial and civil construction. Socio-cultural constructions. Domestic road passenger transport. Inland good....

Industrial and civil construction. Urban construction. Industrial buildings, design of store-houses and warehouses. Turn-key construction. S....

Unique price shop. Industrial and civil construction. Wholesale of construction materials. Chicken for breeding and restocking. Non-governme....

Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Building facades and finishes. Civil construction finishing. Arrangements and interior design. Installa....

Construction. Construction services. Landscaping and fencing of construction sites. Construction and installation of oil facilities.

Construction. Construction services.

Civil engineering. Construction and assembly. Sale of building materials. Aluminium and PV....

Painting services and buildings painting.

Construction. Construction services.

Construction. Construction services. Building maintenance and repairs. Industrial and civil construction.

Land reclamation and melioration. Agricultural services. Construction. Construction services. Industrial buildings, design of store-houses a....

Industrial and civil construction. Construction services.

Construction. Construction services. Construction services.

Construction Regulatory Body. Construction. Construction services.

Mining activities. Mining construction.

Trade of general use products. Industrial and civil construction. Water and sewerage services. Lumbering enterprise. Retail bakery. Rural to....

Metal mesh items. Articles from cold processed metal. Mining construction. Winding and ser....

Construction. Construction services.

23 companies from neighbors counties( Dolj, Valcea, Mehedinti, Hunedoara ) acting in domain Constructions, section Civil & Industrial & Special Contractor.

Company with over 50 years in constr5uction and metallic.                                

Civil engineering.

Perform Construction and interior design at the lowest price and shortest time of great quality. Proceedings are our advertising.

Civil / industrial. Road & Bridge. Timber trade.

Supply of building materials. Paving, concrete paving stones. Roof tile. Roads construction materials. Building concrete blocks. Sale of bui....

Any type of civil, industrial and metallic (industrial buildings, bridges, industrial door....

Commercial, industrial, residential buildings - project design, project management, consul....

Civil and industrial construction, interior / exterior program. external storage mat. construction, appropriate equipment, experience, serio....

Building houses, attics. Finishes: thermal, plasterboard, masonry, painting, painting, plastering, tile, tile flooring.

Authorized personnel with experience in industrial construction and assembling works and civil construction, polystyrene cladding, curtain w....

Sewage services and water treatment. Pools creating.                                

Construction and interior and exterior. Waterproofing and heat insulation. Agents selling all kinds on the net.

Civil and industrial construction. Stratified wood carpentry: doors, windows, frames.                                

We design, build, advice.                                

NACE Code :4329-other construction installation works, installation services, installation and commissioning of public and private pools, sa....

PVC distributor. Manufacturer double glazing. PVC producer (doors and windows).                                

Supply of building materials. Elements for steel/sheet roofs. Sale of building materials. ....

Industrial and civil construction. Urban construction. Arrangements and interior design. S....

Performs special prices resistance structures, design, finishes, mechanical excavation, co....

Civil and industrial buildings at the lowest prices on the market.                                

We perform a wide range of industrial construction works, including special techniques for climbing utility. Advertising production, rental ....

Industrial and civil construction. Classic wooden joinery. Metal structures, profiles and fittings.

Turn-key construction. Industrial and civil construction. Arrangements and interior design.


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