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15 companies from Dambovita county act in business field Clothing, section Clothes.

Milling. Bakery. Wheat products. Export of textile garments.

Export of textile garments. Manufacturer of various garments. Garments and fabrics - production.


Stationery products trade. Cosmetics distribution and promotion. Retail trade in textile products. Textile trader.

Manufacturer of various garments.

Manufacturer of various garments.

Manufacturing and wholesale trade of bed linen. Manufacturer of various garments. Garments....

Export of textile garments. Manufacturer of various garments. Textile trader. Garments and fabrics - production.

Manufacturer of various garments. Export of textile garments. Textile trader.

Manufacturer of various garments. Supplier of river sand, gemstone. Overall work, gowns, gloves.

Export of textile garments. Manufacturer of various garments.

Celebrity fashion house run custom clothing for children and adolescents, low price and high quality.

Manufacturer of various garments. Handicraft cooperatives, handicraft objects. Production and supply of labour and protection equipments. Ex....

Manufacturer of various garments. Export of textile garments.                        

Manufacturer of various garments.

Manufacturer of various garments.

35 companies from neighbors counties( Ilfov, Bucuresti, Prahova, Arges ) acting in domain Clothing, section Clothes.

Creating websites dedicated to clothing-footwear field. Online shops. Catalogues, posters,....

Various garments.                                

Ergoline Prodimpex SRL has an operational platform and a network of foreign factories spec....

Simandy is a consulting and marketing firm that targets the clothing textile sector, a mod....

Import and distribution of cotton underwear for children - own brand.

Women sewing and clothing, tailoring and linen garments, quilts, sewing textile interior - covers, curtains.

Lingerie company Sariana import from Austria, worked in women's clothing for lohn system.                                

Lohn type garments with exceptional results. Product quality is assured as skilled labor a....

Manufacturer of ladies garments: skirts, pants, jackets, coats, dresses, blouses for expor....

Sportswear manufacturer of textile material - jacket, vest, shirt, work equipment - coat, ....

Execution and marketing of garments, especially women's clothing. We produce, on request, ....

Clothing shop, produce 100% linen BBC, various prints, clothing women, in step with fashion trends and clothing for children 1-15 years, the....

Marketing of polyester pillows and hangers for clothing, women's and men's representative ....

We manufacture and sell plastic bags for textiles - simple or printed, or straight shaped ....

Garments and clothing of any kind for any category. Made to order your model or offer products catalog. men and women suits, trousers skirts....

The company is specialized in manufacturing women's clothing patterns for men and executed....

Women and children garments manufacturer-own models and outsourcing.

Design services and design patterns for the clothing industry - basic patterns / grading /....

Manufacturing wear articles lohn.

We perform a wide range of garments to order gowns for doctors, shirts, overalls and prote....

Tara is a trademark of Scarlett Clothing International, known on the Romanian market as a ....

We paint, screen printing, heat transfer paper, textile accessories. Custom screen printing all types of fabric.

One of the successful German producers in the field of women's clothing. WISSMACH fashion ....

Largest producer of garments for women and children as well as a fabric maker. Very diverse offer, affordable rates.

Executed by industrial embroidery machines embroidery with best quality. Embroidery patter....

Manufacturer of women's clothing including dresses, in small, unique or custom.                                

Medical gowns, medical uniforms, medical bags, bags ambulance, GP bags.                                

Manufacturing garments for export.                                

IRISHGREEN brand was founded in 2003, our company is one of the largest manufacturers of s....

Established nine years ago. Specialized in manufacturing women's clothing and casual used (dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets).

Share work equipment, safety shoes, cosmetics, hotels, socks and stockings.                                

Import and distribution of child clothes from Thailand.                                

Providing design, grading and printing patterns for the garment industry, systems design u....

Import of textiles. Export of textile garments.

Textile clothing.                                


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