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28 companies from Buzau county act in business field Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Machinery for the manufacture of concrete bricks ecquipments, vibropress for street paving....

Manufacturing and wholesale trade of chemicals. Manufacturer of construction materials.                        


Services rendered in the construction field and the high ground by rope access. Buzau, Buc....

Traditional and oxyacetylene welding. Supply of building materials.                        

Roof tile. Domes and roofs.

Air conditioning and heating devices. Heating equipment. Repair and maintenance of heating....

Sale of building materials. Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Supply of building materials.

Industrial and civil construction. Materials for concrete prefabs for construction.                        

Paving, concrete paving stones. Funerary monuments and crosses.

Supply of building materials.                        

Manufacturer of fibre glass and other products. Fibreglass reinforced polyester for constr....

Cleaning, washing vertical blinds, rope access, thermal insulation, repair cracks / cracking blocks, facade renovations blocks.

Raw materials and materials for thermal insulation/waterproofing. Arrangements and interior design.

Sale of building materials. Building materials supplier. Inland goods transport.                        

Custom awnings and parasols.

Roof tile.

House heaters. Tools and equipment.

Sale of building materials and finishes. Lafarge Cement Romania SA regional representative.

Weldable steel fittings: elbows, tees, reducers, flanges.

Sale of petroleum products. Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Transportation of petroleum products tankers.

Materials for concrete prefabs for construction.

Paving, concrete paving stones.                        

Industrial valves, overflow. Brewing equipments and appliances. Machines and equipment for....

Buildings or production facilities coverage systems. Thermal and hydro insulation. Waterpr....

Safety & health at work. Power tools. Electric equipment for heating. Trade protection equipment. Equipments for forestry holdings.

Interior design and garden plants. Manufacturer for pavement stone. Care management services for public parks.

Ceramic chimneys EFFE2 - Italy, special ceramics, PVC fittings and accessories, insect net, silicone and PVC foam, brick.

Sale of metallurgical products. Supply of building materials.

22 companies from neighbors counties( Prahova, Vrancea, Braila ) acting in domain Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Gerard Roofing: Train, tiles, metal tiles, metal tiles, roof construction, houses, villas,....

Authorized company representative and installer of Silikal RO for industrial floors made f....

Produce and distribute for sealing elements for any board, distribute fasteners.                                

Civil and industrial construction, repair and reinforcement of buildings, hydro and thermo....

Import and distribution systems, tile-like coverings of natural stone covering Gerard, and....

Metal tiling, roofing, sheet condensation, eaves, gutters.                                

Perform climbing services for utility and industrial aesthetics facades, plaster repair, c....

Osmotic and polyurethane waterproofing. Effective solutions, fast and practical.                                

The entire range of floor protection, civil and industrial professional with resin systems for German origin who meet European norms and sta....

Waterproofing professional services and materials. Designing of artesian wells, gardens. S....

Construction. Construction services. Industrial and civil construction. Restoration and re....

Roof tile.

Metal coatings for industrial buildings and homes. Distribution of paint and varnish for chemical stores. Metallurgical services.

Elements for steel/sheet roofs. Manufacturer of construction materials. Roof tile.                                

Waterproofing professional services and materials. Electric wiring and networks. Installation and repair for sanitary items. Arrangements an....

Thermal and hydro insulation. House thermal insulation. Waterproofing professional service....

Articles, parts and items for interior decoration. Hydro, thermal and sound insulators. Trade of paints and varnishes for household/industri....

Distribution of paint and varnish for chemical stores. Paints, varnishes and car kits. Auto cosmetics/maintenance products. Sale of building....

Custom awnings and parasols. Illuminated signs production.

Elements for steel/sheet roofs.

Waterproofing professional services and materials. House thermal insulation. Raw materials and materials for thermal insulation/waterproofin....

Construction. Construction services. Industrial and civil construction. Farm engineering, agricultural greenhouses, warehouses. Waterproofin....


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