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38 companies from Bucuresti county act in business field Plastics, section Pack.

Orwak Sweden representative, we sell hydraulic press for recyclable waste balers, indus....

We offer: packaging, foil packaging machines, strapping machines, pallet machines, stretch....


Importer and distributor of packaging. Full range of packaging for: food stores, bakeries,....

Produce transparent PVC boxes, blister packaging, disposable containers, promotional polyp....

Packaging supplier.                        

Romanian manufacturer of packaging machines in thermo foil, packaging and wrapping systems....

Plastic packaging. Toys for preschool and school children. Manufacturer of household items and housekeeping tools.

Sale of diluents, brake fluid, windshield fluid, antifreeze, consumables. Cosmetic product....

Plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging.                        

Distributor of plastic packaging - box pallets and plastic pallets for.                        

Disposable products and accessories for hotels, restaurants and catering. Offer products /....

Health Care Packaging - manufacturer, exporter and importer of flexible packaging. Billeru....

Buckets and casseroles production.                        

Want something special? Can not find the package right? With sections Mould design and pac....

We offer the finest packaging solutions: a unique presentation that will tell the final st....

Special packages of aluminium/polypropylene for food industry. Packaging supplier. Manufacturer of mould/accessories for plastic injection.

Plastic bags, sacks, coverings.

Tapes, Scotch type tape, paper tape, bubble wrap, stretch film, stretch film tape device, ....

Polypropylene bags, bags with flaps preformed lateral longitudinal stick bags.

Manufactures and sells polyethylene and polypropylene flexible packaging: sheets, sacks an....

Simple Scotch tape and custom, double-sided tape, stretch film stretch, shrink film PVC, P....

Vacuum plastic packaging. Device and equipment provider for vacuum packaging. Supplier of ....

Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Production/supply of plastics. Leather substitutes. Proces....

Manufacturers of flexographic clich├ęs for flexo printing.

Supply of disposable products. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Machinery, equipment and ap....

We manufacture corrugated cardboard or duplex, any size or circulation.                        

Processing of plastics. Plastic packaging. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Plastic injecti....


Production/supply of plastics. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Plastic packaging.

Processing of plastics. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Flexo-printing.

World leading manufacturer of packaging systems plastic durable - which reduce logistics c....

Production of custom plastic bags, LDPE and HDPE. Customize paper bags, adhesive tapes of ....

Plastic injection, plastic caps for threaded or smooth pipes, plugs, caps, corks, polyethylene spacers.

Plastic packaging.

We sell disposable plastic tableware DOPLA brand.

Plastic packaging. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Plastic packaging. Plastic bags.

Production of plastic bags, custom bags, paper bags, available in small.                        

12 companies from neighbors counties( Ilfov, Prahova, Dambovita, Giurgiu ) acting in domain Plastics, section Pack.

We produce plastic containers, cans, buckets, toys.                                

Bottles, cans, barrels, cans for food packaging and chemicals. Transparent tape drums for liquid level, dangerous goods packaging, sports bo....

Bottles and jars, polyethylene and polypropylene into 0.38 vol / 5l, pt. food packaging, automotive and construction products (glue, primers....

Manufacturer and distributor of plastic food packaging. We offer over 400 models in variou....

Manufactures and sells bubble wrap in two layers, LDPE film.                                

Manufacturer packaging polypropylene: oval and round buckets 1-30 liters eurocontainer 1-3....

Production of PET preforms, PET bottles.

Plastic packaging. PET pre-forms and bottles - production.

Plastic packaging. Plastic bags, sacks, coverings. Supplier of equipment and machinery for packaging. Sack sealing machine. Thread and relat....

Plastic packaging.

Supply of disposable products. Household articles of plastics. Plastic bags, sacks, coveri....

Processing of plastics. Accessories supplier for textile industry. Plastic bags, sacks, co....


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