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34 companies from Bucuresti county act in business field Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Payments agency for agriculture intervention.

Milling. Pasta production.


Coffee processing and packaging. Sweets manufacturer.                        

Provides professional advice to projects on modernization and capacity of conditioning, we....

Sale of car accessories and spare parts.

Catering services delivery to companies.                        

Food supply. Production of canned vegetables and fruits. Food vinegar production.

Food supply.

Food supply. Flavours and food additives.

Coffee. Manufacturer. Importer of green coffee. Decaffeinated coffee, coffee robusta, misc....

Metal structures for different uses. Food supply.

Paper and cardboard packaging with various uses. Production of food. Production of glass a....

Sweets manufacturer.

Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates.                        

Prepared according to original recipes, frozen ready meals from Edenia offers a touch of f....


Sweets manufacturer.                        

Food for diet/nutrition. Manufacturer of medicines and food supplements.

Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs. Wafers. Waffles.                        

Potato flakes importer and manufacturer of instant mashed potatoes Marshal, Marshal dry mi....

Milling and bakery.

Canned fish. Production of canned vegetables and fruits.                        

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Sweets. Essences, aromas, concentrated food.

Importer of fish and fish products. Fishery. Fish, crustaceans, shellfish, seafood. Ready-....

Salt. Salt products. Touristic services. Production of food. Cosmetics, perfumes, toiletry....

Meat products. Production of canned meat. Ready-to-cook food. Industrialisation, processin....

Production of food. Producer of milk and dairy products.

Food supply.                        

Household detergents. Cosmetics, perfumes, toiletry.

Trade of general use products. Service providers.                        

Importer of medicines for human use. Import/export of pharmaceutical products for human us....

Bakery. Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs. Pastry - production.                        

Pasta production. Food distribution.

16 companies from neighbors counties( Ilfov, Prahova, Dambovita, Giurgiu ) acting in domain Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Meat food products: Lantul Carpatin meat chopped, Carpatin chopped paste, fresh sausages.

Processing, packaging, food trade and various spices.

Storage services, cutting, packaging, weighing and labeling for frozen foods (fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, beef tripe).

Metal cans, boxes, barrels. Equipment for metallurgical industry. Thermal power equipment.....

Soft drinks - production. Packaging activities for spices. Plastic packaging.                                

Wafers. Waffles. Sweets manufacturer. Production of food.

Olive - supply.

Ice cream.

Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs. Wholesale trade.

Ice cream.


Ready-to-cook frozen foods. Food distribution. Food wholesaler.

Food supply. Production of food.                                

Pastry. Wafers. Waffles.

Production of food. Expanded food. Food wholesaler. Expanded food.

Retail trade. Soda shop. Filtered water.


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