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28 companies from Brasov county act in business field Household, section Interior & Exterior Improvements & Design.

Wholesale PVC and aluminum accessories: inner and outer sills, white and colored PVC panel....

Vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds. Textile rolls. Plissé blinds. Panel blinds. Blinds at....


Wood products are made for interior and exterior are designed to give an extra touch of co....

Painting, dyeing, finishing, plumbing / electrical, professional cleaning and certified translations.

Trade of paints and varnishes for household/industrial use. Sale of building materials. Ar....

Metal ware and accessories, nails, screws, hinges. We make interior wooden stairs.

Sale of furniture, especially tables and chairs, domestic and import of wood and metal, in....

Civil engineering. Construction installations. Arrangements and interior design.

Blinds and awnings. Coatings. Blinds installation. Manufacturer of blinds and shutters. Installation of metal doors and rails. Folding doors....

LED panels for outdoor and indoor advertising. Arrangements and interior design. Electroni....

Pools creating. Industrial doors and gates.                        

Manufacturer of blinds and shutters. Blinds and awnings. Coatings. Blinds installation.

Manufacturer of blinds and shutters. Blinds. Horizontal and vertical blinds supplier.

Importer of faience and grit stone. Arrangements and interior design.

Sale of building materials for interior and exterior. Consulting shop and home. Free shipp....

Importer and distributor of roofing brand Plannja Sweden.                        

Real estate agency.

Interior design and garden plants. Landscape architecture and design. Equipment and tools for gardens and gardening.

Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Arrangements and interior design.

Cork articles. Wine made. Arrangements and interior design. Staples, stoppers, mechanic bo....

Arrangements and interior design.

Arrangements and interior design.

Landscape architecture and design.

Manufacturer of blinds and shutters. Garages gates and doors.

Arrangements and interior design. Construction materials for finishing.

We are an interior design company, innovation and design in the production of furniture in....

We produce vertical blinds, indoor and outdoor coils with a wide range of colors and model....

Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Manufacturer of blinds and shutters.                        

22 companies from neighbors counties( Prahova, Covasna, Sibiu, Harghita ) acting in domain Household, section Interior & Exterior Improvements & Design.

Manufacturer vertical blinds and horizontal blinds textile, roller shutters, garage doors,....

Sandstone cladding tiles, drywall installation, flooring, digging, electrical, painting, insulation, plumbing, furniture.

Sole producer in the country: poles and lighting poles of fiberglass reinforced polyester 6, 8, 10, 12 meters. The oldest form of advertisin....

Sole importer / distributor of decorative fabrics Horn, Germany. Curtains and drapes, and ....

Trade wrought iron elements (we have 588 models!).                                

Solutions in cleaning and maintenance services, a new approach in Romanaia, individual and....

Interior Design (custom projects and redevelopment planning areas). Interior decoration. E....

Importer and marketing for materials - laminated plywood, chipboard, MDF. Home furniture manufacturer, furniture for industry and public sec....

Civil and industrial buildings, warehouses, buildings, houses, repair buildings and facade....

We perform interior and exterior low price and high quality in Ploiesti or round.

Manufacturer of parquet floors, wooden stairs of high quality. Wood furniture manufacturin....

Manufacturer of vertical blinds, roller blinds aluminum exterior, interior shading the ent....

Perform concrete pools with liner inside, 50-year warranty. We work with the largest pool ....

Decorate your child's room or paintings or drawings on the walls. For paint. shops, hostel....

Manufacturer joinery REHAU, insulating glass, insect nets, inner and outer sills, shutters....

Arrangements and interior design. Aluminium joinery.

Waterproofing professional services and materials. Designing of artesian wells, gardens. S....

Manufacturer of blinds and shutters. Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings.

Manufacturer of varnishes and paints. Pigments. Arrangements and interior design. Interior decoration.

Industrial and civil construction. Arrangements and interior design.                                

Arrangements and interior design.                                

Arrangements and interior design.


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