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6 companies from Brasov county act in business field Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Expanded food.                        

Food vinegar production. Food retailers. Food wholesaler.


Only representative in Romania, trimming, packing machines for dairy products, cream, yogurt, kefir, etc.


Potato flakes - production. Ready-to-cook food. Production of food.

Real estate agency. Pasta production.

44 companies from neighbors counties( Prahova, Covasna, Sibiu, Harghita ) acting in domain Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Meat food products: Lantul Carpatin meat chopped, Carpatin chopped paste, fresh sausages.

The company is specialized in packaging sugar envelopes.

Produce mustard in different tastes: sweet, classic, fine semicondimentat with horseradish....

Pre-fried and frozen potato production.                                

Metal cans, boxes, barrels. Equipment for metallurgical industry. Thermal power equipment.....

Food for diet/nutrition. Import/export of food. Clocks repairing.

Wafers. Waffles. Sweets manufacturer. Production of food.

Pasta production.

Olive - supply.

Food supply.

Ice cream.

Ice cream. Food wholesaler. Food distribution.                                

Production of food. Pastry - production. Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs.

Sweets manufacturer.

Ready-to-cook frozen foods. Food distribution. Food wholesaler.

Pastry. Wafers. Waffles.

Pre-packaged foods. Food retailers.

Retail trade. Soda shop. Filtered water.

Wholesale manufacturer in confectionery and pastry products. Chocolate.

Wine made. Cellar. Wine cellars. Industrial production of alcoholic beverages. Food vinega....

Tea production/sale. Medicinal herbs.

Pasta production.

Ice cream. Confectionery/pastry.

Pre-packaged foods.

Pre-packaged foods. Accessories, equipment and machinery for pastries and confectioners. Chocolate.

Sweets manufacturer. Chocolate.

Sweets manufacturer.

Pasta production.

Expanded food. Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Expanded food.

Food for diet/nutrition.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Bakery. Retail bakery. Pasta production.

Food distribution. Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Cookie sheets - supply.

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Sweets manufacturer. Sweets. Food supply.                                

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Pasta production.

Mineral water manufacturer. Mustard. Food vinegar production. Food wholesaler.                                

Ice cream powder. Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs. Expanded food.                                


Sweets manufacturer.

Ice cream. Ice cream powder. Food distribution.                                


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