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14 companies from Braila county act in business field Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Manufacturer of milk and dairy products. Cheese production.

Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff. Sale of consumption eggs. Dairy products sales. Ice cream.....


Ice cream.

Ice cream.

Sweets manufacturer. Sweets.                        

Milling and bakery. Bakery. Pastry - production.                        

Pre-packaged products. Food distribution.                        

Manufacturer of medicines and food supplements. Food for diet/nutrition. Food distribution....

Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs. Sweets manufacturer. Sweets. Pastry - production.....

Manufacturer of biscuits and foodstuffs.

Ice cream. Food distribution.

Sweets manufacturer. Wafers. Waffles. Sweets. Wholesale manufacturer in confectionery and pastry products.

Bakery. Pretzels. Expanded food. Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Chips, sticks, cracker....

Pre-packaged foods. Food distribution. Food wholesaler. Inland goods transport.

28 companies from neighbors counties( Galati, Buzau, Ialomita ) acting in domain Alimentation, section Processing & Packing & Product.

Roasted peanuts in shell and shelled, black and mottled seeds, pumpkin seeds and bakery pr....

Production of nutritional supplements for athletes (concentrated protein, protein mixes, w....

Frying and glazing nuts.

Food distribution. Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff.

Production of food. Food supplements and substitutes. Concentrated food. Spices and flavou....

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Canned. Production of canned vegetables and fruits. Production of canned meat. Production ....

Soda shop. Filtered water.

Metal containers, cans, bottling. Staples, stoppers, mechanic bottling. Metal cans, boxes,....

Medicinal herbs. Food for diet/nutrition. Medicine and herbal medications.

Bakery. Pastry - production. Confectionery/pastry. Wholesale manufacturer in confectionery....

Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff. Food wholesaler. Food distribution. Warehouse/cold storage for perishable food. Meat products wholesale trad....

Agriculture and rural development authority.

Wafers. Waffles. Sweets manufacturer. Sweets. Food distribution.

Producer of milk and dairy products. Ice cream.

Pasta production.

Mustard. Weed killers, insecticides, pest killers.

Sweets manufacturer. Pastry.

Food distribution. Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff. Ice cream. Meat products trade.

Food distribution. Pre-packaged products.

Confectionery/pastry. Pastry.

Ice cream. Food distribution.                                

Sweets. Production of food.

Sweets. Sweets manufacturer.

Frozen, refrigerated foodstuff. Food retailers. Food wholesaler. Warehouse/cold storage for perishable food. Meat products wholesale trade. ....

Fish and fish products - supply. Fish processing. Canned fish. Production of canned vegeta....

Wine made. Food vinegar production.

Manufacturer of natural wine vinegar obtained by the classical method of fermentation.


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