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40 companies from Bistrita-Nasaud county act in business field Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Composite materials for industrial uses.

Electrical cables and connection accessories. Metallurgical services. Metal coatings for i....


Industrial and civil construction. Electric heaters. Supply of building materials.

Sale of building materials. Importer of construction materials. Wholesale of construction materials.

Construction brick.

Paving services. Gravel and sand for construction. Industrial and civil construction. Road building equipment supply.

Construction services. Elements for steel/sheet roofs.

Industrial and civil construction. Construction installations. House heaters. Construction plants.

Processing of plastics. Pre-packed mortar.

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Industrial and civil construction.

Manufacturer for pavement stone. Gardens design. Landscape architecture and design. Garden....

Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Gravel and sand for construction. Additives for concrete.

Wholesale trade of industrial products. Supply of building materials. Inland goods transport. Non-food oils and lubricants. Retail trade.

Retail of electronic products. Electronic parts trade.

Polycarbonate plates for construction. Hydro, thermal and sound insulators.                        

Marble processing services. Construction material quarries. Marble for construction. Plate....

Manufacturer for pavement stone.

Tools and equipment. Installation and repair for sanitary items. Electric equipment for heating.

Illuminated signs production. Custom awnings and parasols. Outdoor advertising. Banners. P....

Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Industrial and civil construction. Materials for concrete prefabs for construction. Metal structure....

Electrostatic painting. Specialised construction for energy. Metal coatings for industrial buildings and homes. Panels and electrical panels....

Building concrete blocks. Bituminous shingles coatings. Paving, concrete paving stones.

Aluminium and PVC joinery. Fittings. Supplier of steel-reinforced concrete. Sale of building materials.

Sale of building materials. Wholesale of construction materials. Supply of building materials.

Metallurgical services. Production and sales of wire netting.

Polycarbonate plates for construction.

Plastic pipes and accessories. Plastic parts for construction. Outdoor installations for c....

One of the most active distributors of PVC (Rehau profiles, barter, Aplast) and wood, garage doors, jambs and vertical blinds in Bistrita Na....

Construction made from wood.                        

Construction brick.

Manufacturer: matte hard wire, soft black wire, galvanized wire, nails, wire weaving, rabi....

Industrial and civil construction. Outdoor installations for construction. Machinery and e....

Supply of building materials. Inland goods transport.

Roofing Solutions: Swedish steel sheet, Plannja Sweden, thickness of 0.5 mm in several sta....

Building concrete blocks.

Processing of plastics. Plastic packaging. Plastic parts for construction. Equipment for s....

Faience factory. Paving, concrete paving stones. Building concrete blocks.

Glazed stove tiles. Arrangements and interior design.                        

Plastic pipes and accessories. Production/supply of plastics. Arrangements and interior de....

Marble processing services. Marble for construction. Plates and custom shapes. Construction material quarries.

10 companies from neighbors counties( Cluj, Suceava, Mures, Maramures ) acting in domain Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Romania subsidiary company of Paul Bauder GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, producing bituminous w....

Interim design, cladding tiles, plasterboard. Vertical blinds, horizontal.

Manufacturer of fireproof expanded polystyrene boards. It is used for thermal and acoustic....

We offer tools and accessories for Koma brand waterproofing Poland. Purchase through our b....

Interior and exterior renovations.

Hot and cold industrial Izolamente in the chemical, petrochemical, energy, food.

Industrial and civil construction. Construction. Construction services. Waterproofing professional services and materials. Metal structures,....

Thermal and hydro insulation. Construction services. Construction. Construction services. Industrial and civil construction.

Manufacturer of ceramic. Waterproofing professional services and materials.

Buildings or production facilities coverage systems. Bituminous shingles coatings.                                


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