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37 companies from Bistrita-Nasaud county act in business field Trade, section Retail Trade.

Retail inventory liquidation products Tchibo brand, products and clothing used shoes. BN County distributor of imported products from plasti....

Winding and service for electric motors. Production and sales of wire netting. Quail farmi....


Retail trade.

Doors, windows and accessories - production and installation. Laminated wood joinery with soundproof panes.

Textile and footwear retailer. Shoes retailer. Shoes wholesaler. Wholesale and retail trade.

Luxury shop. Textile and footwear retailer.

Timber. Exporter of wood. Woodworking. Trade of general use products.

Textile and footwear retailer.

Import: Ariel, Bonux, Pampers, rice, oil and other food and agricultural products.                        

Trade of general use products. Construction. Construction services.

Trade of general use products. Food retailers.

Chips, sticks, crackers, pretzels. Trade of general use products. Garden furniture. Construction made from wood.

Rental of retail space and office space.

Retail trade of industrial products. Retail trade.

Textile and footwear retailer. Textile trader. Retail trade in textile products. Children items and toys.

Timber. Binna and beams. Traditional roofs. Trade of general use products.

Retail trade. Fishery.

Textile and footwear retailer.

Retail trade of plastics. Trade of general use products.

Watches trade. Clocks repairing.

Shop IT products such as: laptops, LCD TVs, LED TVs and 3D TVs, audio, video, photo, mobil....

Trade of general use products.

Garages gates and doors. Supplier of systems and intercom systems. Alarm systems, security and safety systems. Automatic doors and gates. So....

Accounting and taxation software. Software and custom solutions. Computer networks. Retail....

Trade of general use products. Agricultural services. Wholesale and retail trade.

Retail trade. Textile and footwear retailer. Farm food distribution. Trade of general use products.

Packaging activities for spices. Textile and footwear retailer.

Bakery. Wheat products. Retail trade. Wholesale and retail trade.

Wholesale and retail trade. Rural tourism. Guesthouse. Trade of general use products.

Industrial and civil construction. Trade of general use products. Inland goods transport.

Rubber products. Retail trade. Manufacturer of candles.

Retail trade. Wholesale trade.

Trade of general use products. Meat products trade. Retail trade.

Production of canned vegetables and fruits. Supermarket. Packaging activities for spices.

Manufacturer of knitwear. Exporter of knitted items. Textile and footwear retailer. Cosmetics, perfumes, toiletry.

Small furniture pieces. Textile and footwear retailer. Personalized furniture.

Trade of general use products. Wholesale and retail trade.

13 companies from neighbors counties( Cluj, Suceava, Mures, Maramures ) acting in domain Trade, section Retail Trade.

Electronic data processing. Online store Szeckler folk art. Ceramics, wood carvings, paint....

Marketing items used, consignment, purchase and sale of used electronic items.

Import truck parts Mercedes, MAN, Iveco. We offer stock and custom full range of parts for trucks of 7.5 tons.

Markets a wide range of fasteners (screws, nuts, washers, rivets), bearings, V-belts, ring....

Production and trade in small series and unique women's clothing.                                

Import car parts Lada, Lada Niva.

We sell 100% cotton products, that women and men underwear, towels, bed linen and clothes gala, Hungary and cosmetics imported dolls Mildnes....

We offer advertising and direct marketing via SMS.                                

We sell a wide range of items for children, baby accessories, games and toys to strollers,....

Retail stores for clothing and footwear items for children and adults.

Store is specialized in selling accessories, import auto parts supplies and Dacia.                                

Look for children and babies toysz, crib, stroller, walker, swing, chair, car seat, highch....

Shop for GSM mobile phones and accessories, delivery is anywhere in the country.                                


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