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19 companies from Arges county act in business field Wood, section Forest Exploitation & Wood Processing & Products.

Production of furniture. Woodworking.                        

Woodworking. Furniture exporter. Production of furniture.                        


Sale of building materials. Binna and beams. Traditional roofs. Supply of building materials. Cement trade. Construction brick.

Transport mediators. Domestic and international transport and delivery. Wood products - import/export. Specialized and oversized transportat....

Civil engineering.

Forestry activities. Forestation and seedlings. Timber. Fishing and hunting.

Timber transport.

Laminated wooden products. Woodworking. Wood products - import/export.

Cutting wood in timber, timber sale in various sizes.                        

Woodworking. Veneer for furniture industry. Wooden euro pallets. Timber.


Rural tourism. Guesthouse. Exploitation and industrialization of wood. Mineral water manufacturer.

Production of furniture. Timber. Furniture. Furniture exporter.

Wood processing, main products: various sizes and different wood pallets, lumber.

Production and marketing: softwood, semi-finished products from wood.

Furniture production.

Woodworking. Human pharmacology. Building concrete blocks.

Timber. Wooden euro pallets.

Wood production. Equipments for forestry holdings. Equipments provider for pest control.                        

31 companies from neighbors counties( Valcea, Dambovita, Olt, Bucuresti ) acting in domain Wood, section Forest Exploitation & Wood Processing & Products.

Houses - wooden houses.                                

Import-export activity.

Semi-finished timber.                                

Timber production, semi-acacia; transport petroleum products tanker 32,000 liters, meter and pump discharge; selling petroleum products; fis....

Specialized in manufacturing and selling wood items for gardens, parks, terraces, holiday homes, after our project or client.

Veneer for furniture industry. Timber. Exporter of wood. Woodworking.                                

Our company carries on modeling, exectand models for castings of all sizes and complexity.....

Export beech wood timber.

Represented in Romania renowned European companies producing equipment, tools, machinery, ....

Wooden boxes for export products.                                

Export of wood products, especially beech wood / timber in terms of quality set by the cli....

Buy softwood for export, under contract, bring in Constanta Harbour.

Our company manufactures and markets engineered profiles covered with linden veneer for in....

The company manufactures and markets at competitive prices a wide range of pine products -....

Dry/wet timber for building appliances.                                

Furniture marketing. Sale of furniture and wood. Wooden chairs.                                

We offer luxury furniture from prestigious brands. Terraces have furniture for steel struc....

Wooden finished products.

Wood products - import/export. Real estate agency.

Woodworking. Metal structures, profiles and fittings.

Sale of building materials. Exploitation and industrialization of wood. Domestic and international road transport of goods. Woodworking.

Exporter of wood.

Exploitation and industrialization of wood. Employers' Association.

Meat products. Abattoir facility. Woodworking. Industrialisation, processing and preparation of meat. Meat products trade.

Equipment and tools for gardens and gardening. Timber. Lumbering enterprise. Forestry equi....

Timber. Construction parquet and timber. Woodworking. Small furniture pieces. Binna and beams. Traditional roofs. Exporter of wood.

Construction parquet and timber. Machines and equipment for wood polishing. Arrangements a....

Manufacturer of varnishes and paints. Pigments. Timber. Specialized freight transportation. Exploitation and industrialization of wood. Wood....

Lumbering enterprise. Timber. Binna and beams. Traditional roofs. Woodworking.

Lumbering enterprise. Domestic and international road transport of goods. Timber transport. Construction of roads and bridges. Building equi....



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