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There are no companies registrated in Calarasi county, in the Health, section Disinfection & Decontamination & Deratisation field.

35 companies from neighbors counties( Ilfov, Bucuresti, Ialomita, Giurgiu ) acting in domain Health, section Disinfection & Decontamination & Deratisation.

The most important companies in Romania. Our products have no smell, fastest acting and ar....

Intrumentar disinfectants for surfaces, hands, instruments (medicine, dentistry).                                


Professional cleaning services offices, homes and institutions and services of hygiene: di....

Pest control / Pest - control insects, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bed b....

Supply of Pest disinfestation and disinfection, testing - repair - fire extinguishers and fire retardant loading of flammable materials.

Your ally antisepsie and disinfection. We produce and sell antiseptic and disinfectant mai....

Professional disinfection, disinsection, rat extermination.                                

Equipment for cleaning and disinfection with steam jet. Reduce water consumption by 80%, e....

Private company founded in 2003 having as main activity the production of biocides for pre....

We srvicii rat control, disinfection. We use products that do not create any discomfort.

Our effort for your comfort. Executed at the best quality, reliability and promptness any ....

Preventive health services UNAMA disinfection, disinsection and disinfestation (DDD) with ....

Company authorized execute works, disinfection and disinfestation according to European standards in all types of companies, warehouses, off....

Services, disinfection, disinfestation.

Primosal meets your problems by proposing modern and efficient solutions in line with rece....

Professional pest, pest control, disinfection.                                

Importer biocidal products, equipment and machinery for DDD.                                

Pest, pest control with permitted substances 100% guaranteed. Non-stop pest control with authorization for Bucharest. Qualified personnel. U....

Specialized in operations D.D.D. made promptly, efficiently and respect for the client and the environment. It is certified ISO 9001:2001, q....

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control.

Agricultural services and products. Chemical fertilizers, soil improvement substances. Dis....

Sanitation and urban service delivery, grooming. Disinfestations, disinfection, pest contr....


Materials and devices for fire protection. Fireproofing services for flammable materials.                                

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control.

Hygiene, cleaning after construction.                                

Materials for medical use (bandages, gauze).                                

Materials and substances for disinfection and pest control. Disinfestations, disinfection,....

Disinfestations, disinfection, pest control.                                

Household detergents. Detergents wholesale. Supplier of disinfectants for pest control act....

Materials and substances for disinfection and pest control.                                

Human medicines. Supplier of disinfectants for pest control activities/insects.

Materials and substances for disinfection and pest control. Household detergents.

Trade of general use products. Service providers.                                

Supplier of disinfectants for pest control activities/insects. Recreational and commercial....


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