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37 companies from Bihor county act in business field Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Rubber products. Construction and land design services for sports. Nonferrous waste recovery activities. Roads construction materials. Equip....

Waterproofing professional services and materials.


We sell various construction materials fencing systems Dirickx (panel fence, industrial ga....

Inorganic pigments for paints and gels. Manufacturer of ceramic. Concentrates/fodder for p....

Manufacturer of construction materials. Asbestos cement. Sale of building materials. Roof ....

Industrial and civil construction. Sale of building materials. Supply of building material....

Paving, concrete paving stones. Roof tile.

Supply of building materials.

Manufacturer of construction materials. Construction. Construction services. Climbing/rope access services. Construction services. Sanding a....

House heaters. Equipment and facilities for alternative energy production.                        

Buildings or production facilities coverage systems.                        

Manufacturer of construction materials.

Sale of building materials. Publisher: Rigips, Swisspor, Ruukki, Trilak, Isover, Tondach, ....

Manufacturer of construction materials. Roof tile.                        

Refractory materials and products. Manufacturer of construction materials. Sale of building materials.

House thermal insulation. Industrial tinsmithery. Corrosion resistant sheet.

Arrangements and interior design. Floor heating appliance.

Galvanizing and special treatment for metal. Metal coatings for industrial buildings and h....

Tools and equipment. Floor heating appliance.

Manufacturer of construction materials. Manufacturer for pavement stone. Materials for con....

Supply of building materials. Sale of building materials.

Roof systems, metal roofing (Lindab), shingles (Tegola) steel buildings, corrugated sheets / flat, waterproofing, industrial gates / garage,....

Importer of construction materials.

Supply of building materials.                        

Masonry, plaster art mechanized. Finishes, mechanical and manual plasters, tiles, tile.

Geogrid, biaxial geogrid at unbeatable prices.                        

Paving, concrete paving stones. Landscape architecture and design.                        

Buildings or production facilities coverage systems. Sheets and laminates. Metal trade.

Plants and equipment for house heating. Automatic doors and gates. Import/export of heating plants. House heaters. Consulting.

Construction. Construction services. Concrete and aggregates for gravel pit. Metal structures, profiles and fittings.

Construction installations. Electric equipment for heating. Radiators and convectors. Plan....

Sale of building materials (prefabricated carmida, brick, cement, reinforced concrete).

Manufacturer of construction materials.                        

Official representative in Romania of Biemmedue Arcodry, ARCOM, Arcotherm offers a wide ra....

Air conditioning. Mechanical-electrical automation for gates. Domestic heating systems. Co....

Retail trade of sanitary ware. Wholesale trade of sanitary ware. Importer of sanitary items. Hydro, thermal and sound insulators. House heat....

Sale of building materials and thermal insulation.                        

13 companies from neighbors counties( Cluj, Arad, Satu-Mare, Salaj ) acting in domain Constructions, section Roof & Cover & (Hydro)insulating.

Romania subsidiary company of Paul Bauder GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, producing bituminous w....

Gutters and downspouts . Sheet metal buildings & coatings & waterproofing of construction ....

Hot and cold industrial Izolamente in the chemical, petrochemical, energy, food.

Importer of sanitary items. House thermal insulation. Wholesale trade of sanitary ware. Road construction and maintenance equipment. Constru....

Electrostatic painting. Production of furniture. Metal coatings for industrial buildings a....

Manufacturer of ceramic. Waterproofing professional services and materials.

Construction materials - concrete blocks from aggregated and simple cement. Manufacturer for pavement stone. Roof tile. Turn-key constructio....

Limestone mining for construction industry. Machinery, tools and equipment for drilling. W....

Ropes, strings, twines. Dye works. Waterproofing professional services and materials. Construction services.

Construction. Construction services. Thermal and hydro insulation.

Industrial and civil construction. Metal structures, profiles and fittings. Building equipment. Waterproofing professional services and mate....

Roof tile. Construction brick.                                

Professionals waterproofing insulators for construction.


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